The Simple Switch Merriam-Webster Made to Thrive in the Digital Age [Unthinkable Podcast]

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We live in the era of experts.

If we don’t have an idea or answer, we can find and follow everyone else’s. This creates copycat, forgettable work. Luckily, the most powerful way to differentiate from all of that is obvious and free. The only question is whether we have the courage to deploy it.

Stories about Lisa Schneider, Chief Digital Officer at Merriam-Webster, and their award-winning, President-trolling, brilliant and witty Twitter account. Their success started with an aspiration and ended in a very personal place. Meanwhile, producer Andrew Littlefield also goes exploring New York and meets a jazz trombonist who gives us something we can use in our quest to trust our intuition.

What happens when you combine intent with hunger?

It’s Unthinkable.


Lisa on Twitter:

Merriam-Webster on Twitter:

Merriam-Webster’s Washington Post piece

Andrew Littlefield on Twitter:

Mariel Bildsten’s music:

Special thanks to Tom Webster, who voices the dictionary:

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