Slideshare Is The Biggest Opportunity In B2B Content Marketing

slideshare and the b2b content marketing opportunityIn a recent conference, I was asked my opinion on what is the biggest opportunity in B2B Content Marketing? Without hesitation, I answered “Slideshare.”

With more than 50 Million visitors per month and more than 100 million pageviews, slideshare is one of the top websites in the world and should be a key focus of any B2B content marketing program.

According to Comscore, Slideshare is used by business owners and business executives at a rate 5 times any other social network! The top categories in Slideshare are Business and Technology, followed by Education, Travel and Health.

In its own blog, slideshare released an infographic celebrating its 10 millionth uploaded presentation. They even curated a selection of resources to help you understand what to upload to slideshare.

Can marketers create effective slideshare decks?

I think we certainly get lots of practice. If you’re anything like me, you spend a good portion of your time as a marketer either creating slides yourself, helping others create slide decks, or listening to others present . . . (yes you guessed it) . . . slides.

So if we create slide decks as part of our job, why not turn some of those great ideas into something your customers can use? Think about the presentations you attend or create and consider how you can create external versions that answer key customer questions.

If your executives are presenting at conferences, ask them for the slide decks they are using along with a copy of their speaker notes. I have used this effectively for my own presentations as well as for some of our executives.

And if you are interested in additional resources to help you take advantage of the slideshare opportunity, check out some of these best-ever slideshare decks:  The Brand GapDeath by Powerpoint, Mary Meeker’s internet trends report and a Steve Jobs tribute on presentation tips.

If you’re really motivated, you could buy the book,  “The Marketer’s Guide To Slideshare by my friend Todd Wheatland (@ToddWheatland). It’s really very easy to read and presents a solid case for the Slideshare opportunity, especially for B2B Content Marketers, and also presents a roadmap to converting leads.

For something a little easier to digest, Zack Tyler just uploaded these 10 Tips for Landing on the Front Page of SlideShare to help get you started on the path to success with Slideshare.

After clicking through some of these resources and slides, tell me: do you think Slideshare is the biggest opportunity in B2B Content Marketing? If not what is? I’d love to hear your thoughts . . .

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Michael Brenner

Michael Brenner  is a Top CMO, Content Marketing and Digital Marketing Influencer, an international keynote speaker, author of "Mean People Suck" and "The Content Formula" and he is the CEO and Founder of Marketing Insider Group, a leading Content Marketing Agency . He has worked in leadership positions in sales and marketing for global brands like SAP and Nielsen, as well as for thriving startups. Today, Michael helps build successful content marketing programs for leading brands and startups alike. Subscribe here for regular updates.

24 thoughts on “Slideshare Is The Biggest Opportunity In B2B Content Marketing

  1. Totally agree. IMO every piece of good marketing content should be put on Slideshare, not hidden away in some arcane CMS that’s 5-10 years behind the curve.

    The other underappreciated (and totally amazing) benefit of Slideshare is that it is optimized for search! I’ve posted stuff on Slideshare which then shoots up the organic search rankings within days or even hours. Not to mention all the unsolicited leads from visitors who were just looking for interesting stuff to read. Slideshare is an almost criminally underrated platform.

    1. Thanks Chris! And great point of the SEO benefits. Google is definitely placing emphasis on SEO-optimized visual elements in general as the web becomes more of a visual domain. Slideshare decks, videos and meta-tagged images all help.

  2. Michael, Great post and very helpful. I do think there is a bigger opportunity to consider.

    The biggest opportunity in B2B Content Marketing is to make our content more effective. Here is a link ( to over a decade of primary research that says “Over 50% of the content we produce is not relevant to customers, nor to Sales.

    As a profession, we cannot afford to continue to ignore this data, especially as more and more of the buying decision is made on line.

    I publish a post a few weeks ago ( to suggests that messaging-enabled content is probably the best way to address the fundamental problem with content marketing, and enable an emerging model called Content Selling.


    1. Hi Michael, I happen to agree with you 100%. I should have titled this differently to reflect the actual question and answer, which was “which content channel / type should B2B marketers be taking more advantage of?”

      But for the way I titled it, your answer is right on. I have seen some data that as much as 90% of marketing content is never used or downloaded by anyone. Think of all that money and opportunity wasted!

      Why is it created? Because someone asked them to create it. So their objective was to please an internal stakeholder with little attention to customer needs.

      So thanks for keeping me honest on this one 😉

  3. Great slideshow about B2B content marketing! Content must be written for your costumers!

  4. Apparently I’ve been living under a rock because I’ve never heard of Slideshare before reading your article, Michael. I just checked out their site though and there are some pretty darn good presentations on there. Thanks for sharing and helping me add another weapon to my arsenal!

  5. Great read! We actually considered sites like Slideshare in promoting our services. While we did not reach our goal, we got some nice traffic and few leads from it. The key here is to create a nice and compelling content to share.

  6. Webinars, speaking engagements, etc. are important components of B2B marketing. It’s important to make the most of these presentations. Uploading them to Slideshare is a great way to make them easy to share. This content can also be found in the search engines.

  7. I agree that there is huge opportunity here. The irony is that good slides from a presentation will not stand alone (as they have few words, more visuals). So, to use Slideshare effectively, I will likely need to rework my message. Personally, I’m not a fan of presentations that look like Word docs – even if it would increase SEO.

    1. Thanks John,

      I agree. I think it makes a lot of sense to annotate some notes on the slides. What I usually do is create a blog post summarizing the talk track and then link to it.

      I also agree about the word doc style – not user-friendly at all.

  8. B2b marketing for industrial products and technical environment can benefit a lot from having a dedicated slideshare deck that can be used in many ways to spread relevant and useful content as: product presentations, new product’s introduction, health and safety resources, how to ppt, application tips and tricks, case studies. As always the only limit is your creativity …and time. antonio susta – air liquide welding – B2b marketing and promotion director

  9. Hello, thanks for the great article. I am still getting into the swing of content marketing/social media, so advice is always welcome! I looked into Slideshare and was considering use, when I realized LinkedIn has the ability to share entire PDFs and PPTs. I want to make sure I am not just hopping on the next social platform bandwagon, but that the choice is right for the company I represent. What are your thoughts on adding Slideshare or just using LinkedIn to post this type of content?

    1. Hi Averie, thanks so much for the question. One of my rules of social content is to reject excuses to NOT use any social platform. Now you are talking about a choice between what I think are 2 of the most important. The research shows that Linkedin and Slideshare are 2 of the most used networks. My advice is to find a way to capitalize on both. Facebook and Twitter might be “sexier” but these 2 are where more serious business decision makers hang out

      PS – so says the Twitter-addict!

  10. Good stats and data Michael,

    I’ve experienced this personally since the beginning of this year, amassing over 300,000 since the first of the year. As of today, my presentations on branding have been viewed over 530,000 times, largely due to the irreverent approach to branding (titles like “What’s Killing Your Brand [and how to kill it before it kills you]” and “Why is it so hard to create a brand anybody gives a shit about” have done exceedingly well).

    So, I concur that Slideshare is a real keeper.

    If you or your readers are interested in branding, I can provide the link.

  11. Amen! SlideShare is massively under-valued. With the LinkedIn connection, it should get better and better.

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