State Of Content Marketing: 3 Top Challenges Marketing Execs Face [Research]

For today’s top marketers, content marketing is as essential as water is to life. Content marketing attracts, converts and retains customers by delivering relevant and valuable information to help them make better, smarter purchasing decisions. Unlike traditional marketing, good content marketing communicates without selling and makes customers stop to read and think about your messaging, and influencing their behaviors in a way that ultimately rewards your brand with profitable customer action.

Because content marketing works, many brands and marketers are jumping on the content bandwagon and are not hesitating to create the content they think will serve their customers. In a recent Accenture study of over 1,000 marketing executives from 17 countries and 14 industries, it found that 73% of respondents are spending more than $50 million on content every year.

While 100% of marketing leaders surveyed all agreed that content is vital to the success of their businesses, content overload has become a top challenge for many organizations. How do marketers determine what the right amount of content is for their brands, and how do you manage it effectively across the entire organization?

Let’s take a closer look at some of these challenges marketers are currently facing, and the strategies they are using to manage their content more effectively now and in the future.

Content Management Is A Big Marketing Pain Point

92% say the volume of the content their organizations are producing is higher than it was two years ago, and 83% expect the volume to continue to increase in the next two years.

Half of all marketing leaders surveyed say they currently have more content than they can effectively manage. Individual teams often create messaging and coordinate distribution of content on their own, which leads to organizational silos and program inefficiencies internally.

Less than 50% respondents feel they are fully prepared to manage the content they have today. The top three reasons marketing leaders attribute to their unpreparedness are a lack of skilled talent, technologies and clarity in content management and production processes.

Better Marketing And IT Alignment Is Needed

Only one in five respondents think their organizations are leveraging content well. 78% of marketing leaders surveyed feel they need better alignment between their marketing and IT teams to improve content marketing success.

Marketing is more about digital now and requires technology more than ever before. New technologies are also available for marketers to experiment and innovate their practices in new ways. Another reason why marketers need better marketing and IT alignment is because technology today plays a central role in helping marketers deliver a seamless, compelling customer experience to reach, convert and retain customers.

Work Still Needs To Be Done On Content Marketing Strategy

Only 19% of marketing leaders feel they have clear objectives established when creating new content assets. Nearly half of respondents say they do not feel their organizations have an effective content strategy that meets their current and future needs.

53% say they spend more time on the operational details of managing content than on strategically aligning their daily marketing efforts to a bigger picture. This goes to show that many brands have yet developed effective content marketing strategies or invested in the right resources to fully realize content marketing’s potential.

Collaboration Is Key To Content Marketing Success

To ensure long-term content marketing success, the Accenture study found that marketers, technologists and all other relevant stakeholders within an organization must collaborate and operate more seamlessly and efficiently to develop and drive an aligned content marketing strategy, production and governance process. This is the only way to avoid organizational silos, content overload, and a disconnected customer experience that will do more harm than good to your brand and bottom line.

Is your organization dealing with similar challenges? What strategies have you implemented to try to manage them? I’d love to hear what’s working for your organization! Please share your thoughts below.

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