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A Few Techniques of Logo Design

A Few Techniques of Logo Design

March 30, 2016
3 min read

A logo can be a panacea for increasing the company’s profits. This sign can do real financial miracles. To create a quality logo, you need to examine the needs of the market, the competitive advantages of your company, and the target audience carefully. However, in this article, we will touch on only a small part of the huge world of logo design, namely the techniques of logo design.

  1. The easiest way to create a logo is just to print the text in any program. Of course, it’s very ordinary and not conducive to memorization in the consumer’s mind – and that’s an essential disadvantage. To improve the situation, you can highlight one of the letters by making it different from others in size or color.
  2. Merge of the two adjacent letters. This means the end of the letter coincides with the beginning of the next one through the banal horizontal displacement of the latter. The “merge” method can improve the appearance of the logo or, on the contrary, worsen it. To do “merge,” simply connect the two letters that are connected at different heights when displaced horizontally.The merge of a capital and a cursive letter is not recommended. However, united letters are good to increase the total area that, for example, can be filled with something else.
  1. “Filling.” To bring life to text, you can fill the letters with a simple texture or an image.
  2. “Geometry”. According to this technique, the text is enclosed within a certain geometrical shape, usually correct, i.e. symmetrical both horizontally and vertically. This is often used when including circular and ellipsoidal (rectangular and square with rounded ends of angles – less often) shapes in the logo. At first glance, the method is primitive, but in fact, it’s very effective since you can add certain meaning to the figure. Thus, the circle and the oval after adding parallels and meridians resemble a globe, symbolizing the international relations or traveling while regular hexagon may symbolize the bee products or mobile communications. But please don’t put the name of the organization in the asymmetric shape, because this way you’ll get the asymmetrical logo and certain problems with composition. Also, the geometric figure used to create the logo can be a form of the text, when the figure is created by the border of the text.
  1. Abbreviation”. This method lies in using the stylized first letter, especially if the name of the company consists of a few words.
  2. “Associative sign.” This sign accompanies the text, and can be of any type, e.g. hung above the text, be a part of it, etc. Also, it can dominate the composition or be smaller than the smallest letter of the text. The main thing is that it should be positive.


A logo plays a significant role in the purchase decisions: according to researches, 60% of consumers associate logos with the quality of goods, 30% – with a relationship to the brand, and only 10% do not pay attention to it. The logo is provided with legal protection by the State against its illegal use.

A good logo attracts customers, giving the company with an opportunity to make more profits, retain old and attract new customers, which contributes to the long-term prosperity of the brand.

Thus, the skillful use of computer technologies can help you to create a memorable image to promote the positive reputation of the business.


Brian Jens plays an important role in the life of – a leader among crowdsourcing platforms. Brian is a designer and a blogger who enjoys researches on the most valuable topics of the industry. Feel free to share your ideas with Brian if you feel you have something interesting.


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  1. Brian,
    I always struggle to make logos. And I think these tips will be a great help.
    Thanks for sharing.

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