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14 Amazing Large Company Blogs To Inspire Your Content Marketing

14 Amazing Large Company Blogs To Inspire Your Content Marketing

April 15, 2024
7 min read

Itching to get your blog into the major leagues? Well, we’re about to let you in on a little secret that’s not so secret: The best way to elevate your blog is to dissect what the titans of the blogging world are doing. We’re talking about those best company blogs that everyone can’t stop raving about.

These giants have cracked the code to stellar content marketing, and there’s a goldmine of strategies to uncover from their success stories. By understanding what makes their blogs the best, you’re arming yourself with proven tactics to outshine your competitors.

Today, we’re sifting through the strategies of the best company blogs and uncovering what makes them so darn good. Here’s a roundup of our favorite heavy hitters in the blogosphere:

1. IKEA Ideas

A perfect example of a brand’s messaging aligning with its product offerings, IKEA Ideas places its products in supporting roles as it solves common challenges homeowners face. Its “Outdoor Furniture Maintenance Guide,” for instance, offers valuable advice about how to choose durable furniture and protect it from the elements once it is in your home.

Subtle product suggestions for each maintenance problem they solve never intrude on the readers’ experience. Rather, they simply illustrate each maintenance tip with vivid visuals that make the tips stick out in readers’ minds.

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2. Home Depot’s DIY Projects Done Right

We’ve long been advocates of in-depth customer research and content that focuses on customers’ needs. Home Depot hits a home run with its customer-focused collection of blogs, “DIY Projects and Ideas.”

screenshot shows homepage of Home Depot’s blog as an example of one of the best company blogs

Image Source: Home Depot

Instead of a single blog, Home Depot segments its blog posts according to customer interests. It groups its blogs in three general categories: DIY projects, outdoor living, and home décor. Then, it breaks down each of these categories into smaller ones, each laser-focused on specific customer segments.

Take its outdoor living category, for instance. Home Depot’s content team segmented this content into three groups: garden ideas and projects, lawn and landscaping, and outdoor recreation. When a gardener looks for the latest news on their hobby, they don’t have to leaf through camping checklists, pool cleaning tips, or guides on how to build a playhouse. They can quickly find a wealth of ideas specifically targeted to their needs.

3. IBM Blogs

IBM dominates the business technology space with its innovative products. But what you might not know is that IBM has taken the industry lead in content marketing as well.

It, like Home Depot, segments its blog categories by reader interests. What makes IBM stand head and shoulders above the rest of the content in its sector is that it empowers employees outside its content team to contribute blog posts.

Not only does this move create way more engagement and more conversions, but it also positions each of those employees as thought leaders in their respective fields. It’s innovation at its best, elevating IBM’s sterling reputation even higher.

4. Fiverr Guides

In contrast to IBM, which aims its content to large enterprises, Fiverr caters to small businesses and startups.

Video Source: Fiverr

Fiverr’s blog posts include a large collection of how-tos, which they call Fiverr Guides. Newbies to the business world can learn how to build their business, create a website, build their brand, and many more tasks larger businesses usually delegate to internal teams. Knowing its customer base, again, is the secret to this freelancer portal’s success.

Links to various categories of freelancers are subtle, usually only anchor text, keeping the reader focused on the information they are learning. These easy-to-read posts take readers through each process step-by-step, making them invaluable for time-strapped small business owners.

5. John Deere’s The Furrow

Farm equipment giant John Deere did content marketing before content marketing was cool. From its founding in 1895 as a print magazine to its current incarnation as a blog, The Furrow continues to produce informative content that keeps farmers and other agriculture stakeholders on the cutting edge of the agriculture industry.

screenshot shows homepage of John Deere’s blog

Image Source: John Deere

6. Progressive Insurance’s Commercial Blog

No, we’re not talking about Progressive’s TV commercials. Though the discount insurer is best known for its quirky TV ads about its wacky crew of employees and motorcycle centaurs, its commercial division publishes a superb blog aimed at small- to medium-sized businesses.

With advice on everything from data loss prevention to HR faux pas, it provides an excellent source of valuable information that can help businesses overcome many of the problems they face as they grow. Progressive’s non-commercial division, too, publishes an informative blog called “Answers,” that bills itself as an “easy guide to everything insurance.”

Once Flo et al. rope them in, Progressive’s content team nurtures auto and home customers down the sales funnel with well-researched, yet easy-to-understand content that builds trust in its brand.

7. Rosetta Stone

You might think that a blog from a language learning course would be stuffy, full of obscure tenses and verb conjugations. In Rosetta Stone’s blog, there are a few conjugations, but it’s anything but musings from the ivory tower.

Its content delves into a cornucopia of topics, from how various languages tackle inclusive language to fascinating glimpses into the world’s tapestry of cultures. It’s well worth checking out, even if you aren’t a foreign language buff.

Its subtle siren song lures customers into signing up for a course simply for the delight of immersing themselves more in the cultures they read about here. Just a little “Get the App” call-to-action button to the right of the new article choices is all they need to hook in the curious.

8. Slack’s Several People Are Typing

After the coronavirus pandemic forced many businesses to work remotely, collaboration has taken on a whole new meaning. Slack, who make software for collaboration and productivity, upped its content production to provide guides and other articles to teach business leaders and employees alike to adapt to the “new normal.”

screenshot shows homepage of Slack’s blog page

Image Source: Slack

Earlier content, too, is well worth reading, particularly their tips on upping your business’s productivity through collaboration. Building its reputation as a thought leader through timely, actionable content, Slack has positioned itself to grow at a time when other businesses have shut their doors.

9. Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials

Once in the capable hands of Content Marketing World’s 2016 Content Marketer of the Year, Amanda Todorovich, Health Essentials grew its audience from 250,000 views per month to six million per month in only five years.

Its secret? A laser focus on its readers and their health needs. Combining user data analysis with customer personas to put a face on those numbers, Todorovich steered the blog to become one of the world’s foremost sources of health-related information.

10. Etsy

Etsy’s blog is as diverse as the marketplace itself. This one stands out because it genuinely represents its community. We see it as a storytelling platform where each post adds value to the reader’s day, whether they’re a buyer or a seller.

screenshot shows homepage of Etsy’s blog page

Image Source: Etsy

What makes Etsy’s blog a content marketing success is their knack for showcasing real stories from their sellers. This approach not only humanizes the brand, but also creates a deep emotional connection with readers.

Additionally, Etsy’s blog offers a mix of trend insights, how-to guides, and success stories, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. This strategy keeps their content fresh and engaging, encouraging readers to return.

11. Squarespace

Squarespace’s blog is an extension of their brand’s sleek, professional aesthetic. It’s a resource hub not just for Squarespace users, but for anyone interested in design, marketing, or entrepreneurship.

This company blog excels in content marketing because of their ability to deliver clear, actionable advice in every post. Whether it’s a guide on improving SEO or tips for better web design, the content is always straightforward and useful.

Squarespace also excels in showcasing customer stories, providing readers with real-world applications of their platform. This not only demonstrates the versatility of Squarespace, but also builds trust with potential customers.

12. Buffer

Buffer’s blog is a beacon for those looking to up their social media game. It’s a go-to resource, not just for Buffer users, but for anyone keen on mastering social media strategy. The blog’s strength lies in its practicality—each post is packed with actionable tips and insights that readers can apply to their own social media efforts.

screenshot shows homepage of Buffer’s blog page

Image Source: Buffer

What sets Buffer’s blog apart is the way they break down complex social media trends and algorithms into understandable, actionable content. Buffer translates expert knowledge into something accessible for all levels of social media users. Their case studies and experiments add a layer of credibility and real-world application to their advice, making their blog an invaluable tool for marketers and business owners.

13. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk’s blog is a reflection of his dynamic and straightforward personality. Known for his expertise in digital marketing and entrepreneurship, Gary’s blog is a mix of motivational content, industry insights, and practical marketing tips. His direct and no-nonsense approach to content creation is refreshing and engaging, making complex marketing strategies seem more approachable.

Readers flock to Gary’s blog because of his unique blend of authenticity, expertise, and actionable advice. Gary doesn’t just talk about success; he shows you how to achieve it, drawing on his own experiences in building businesses.

His blog serves as a mentorship platform, offering readers a mix of motivational content, industry insights, and practical marketing tips. Whether you’re a startup owner or a marketing professional, Gary’s insights can help you sharpen your strategy and mindset.

14. Copyblogger

Copyblogger is a standout company blog, particularly for those looking to sharpen their writing and content marketing skills. It’s a powerhouse of resources, offering insights, strategies, and tips to help marketers and writers craft compelling content.

Copyblogger consistently delivers high-quality, actionable content. This blog doesn’t just tell you to write better; it shows you how, with clear, concise, and practical writing advice that’s applicable across various digital platforms. From crafting magnetic headlines to engaging readers with persuasive content, Copyblogger covers all bases, making it an essential resource for anyone looking to improve their content strategy.

Create One of the Best Company Blogs Today with MIG

From IKEA’s engaging product-centric advice to Gary Vaynerchuk’s marketing acumen, the best company blogs offer more than just content; they provide value, showcase brand identity, and foster audience engagement.

These blogs stand out in the content marketing realm by demonstrating a deep understanding of their audience, delivering actionable insights, and maintaining a compelling brand narrative.

Want to create one of the best company blogs? The first step is to create high quality content that engages your audience. Get started today by checking out our weekly blog content service, or schedule a free consultation now to learn more!

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