The B2B Content Marketing Buyer Disconnect [Research]

The biggest mistake in content marketing is making the content all about you. I’ve said this more times than I can count. In fact, I’m not even sure promotional content qualifies as content marketing.

But according to a recent study of 500 global marketers from the Economist Group, B2B content marketing programs are doing just that: making every effort to push and promote product pitches in their content efforts.

And in the process they are disconnecting from their buyers, from their business goals, and from measurement and ROI.

Buyer Disconnect

On the other hand, the survey of more than 500 global business executives also showed that the buying audiences are looking for helpful content.

A full 93% of global marketers reported that the primary purpose of their content marketing efforts is to directly promote their products and services.

And yet the survey found that 75% of executives involved in the buying process say their primary purpose for seeking out content is to get informed about find new ideas. Some other key findings about buyers

  • 67% of the business leaders surveyed said that unique, timely and educational content improves their perception of a brand.
  • And of course 71% of business leaders say they don’t like content that feels more like a sales pitch than valuable information.
  • 85% of them said they prefer text content to audio/video when making business decisions.
  • 63% said they use online search as a primary tool to find content.

Business Goal Disconnect

The surveyed showed a disconnect between the goals marketers claimed to have set and how they measure success. 85% of the global marketers claimed that their B2B content is intended to build brand, and yet 70% of them measure the effectiveness of their content program based on number of leads generated.

They also report that 93% of marketers plan to increase their budgets for content creation.

And they report that only 31% of the organization understands their content marketing strategy.

Business Results Disconnect

What happens when B2B buyers tell you they want one thing, and B2B marketers give them the complete opposite?

Results suffer. Your team gets frustrated and wants to leave. And your boss has to scramble to look for excuses.

Promotional content don’t work, people!

Your website and your sales team do all the selling you need. Marketing needs to stop promoting and start helping their buyers navigate through the buyer journey.

Here are more facts and insights from the research…

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Michael Brenner

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