The Secret Ingredient To Great Content

Michael Brenner on Sep 26, 2013 in Content Marketing

The Secret Ingredient To Great Content MarketingWe have already established that it is not enough to have great content. You have to have enough of it to make an impact in the markets and audiences you serve. And it needs to reach your But first things first, right? So what is the secret ingredient to great content?

Doug Kessler (@DougKessler) and the folks at Velocity Partners have struck again with another amazing perspective on content marketing.

As Doug says in his latest blog post:

The average stuff isn’t really going to work any more. We all need to be aiming higher, to create the ‘home run’ pieces that really drive successful programs.

The Secret Ingredient in ‘Secret Ingredient Soup’

Jack_Black,_Kung_Fu_Panda_2,_Sydney(Disclosure: I’m a father of 4 young children. So I often see the world through animated films.)

In the Dreamworks animated film Kung Fu Panda, Jack Black plays Po, an overweight Panda with no martial art experience. Po finds himself chosen as the “Dragon Warrior” who must defeat an evil kung fu warrior bent on destruction.

While he receives some basic training from a master (voiced by Dustin Hoffman), Po has no faith that he can defeat anyone. He asks his father, a noodle chef, to tell him what the secret ingredient is in his “secret ingredient soup.”

His father replies by saying that there is no secret ingredient. He explains that his customers simply believe it is special.

Enlightened and armed with this wisdom, Po goes on to defeat the evil warrior.

I know I’m not supposed to “bury the lead” but I’ve given you a hint to the secret ingredient in great content marketing. To get the answer, check out this slideshare. You’ll see the answer in under 15 slides…

The Other C Word: What makes great content marketing great from Velocity Partners
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Michael Brenner
Michael Brenner
Michael Brenner is a globally-recognized keynote speaker, author of The Content Formula and the CEO of Marketing Insider Group. He has worked in leadership positions in sales and marketing for global brands like SAP and Nielsen, as well as for thriving startups. Today, Michael shares his passion on leadership and marketing strategies that deliver customer value and business impact. He is recognized by the Huffington Post as a Top Business Keynote Speaker and a top CMO influencer by Forbes. Please follow him on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook and Subscribe here for regular updates.
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  • Doug Kessler

    Love the panda analogy.
    If the creator thinks it’s special first, the reader may too!

  • Michael Brenner

    Thanks Doug, you guys are on fire!

  • Brian Crouch

    I was expecting the C word to be “Craft.” “Creativity.” Or “connected.”

    I do agree that a bold, confident approach to creation is important. But I have to say I’ve seen some “confident” content that lacks originality, consistency, value or cleverness.

    • Michael Brenner

      Thanks Brian, I agree with you. I think what Doug was trying to say is that good content has all those things you mention. But what one ingredient ALL great content seems to have is the confidence, swagger, whatever you want to call it.

  • B2B Marketing

    What an important information you have shared for us..I just want to say that this type blog is so much helpful in the field of our business..I will wait for your next post…:-)

  • Rose Aguirre

    You’re truly inspiration of mine, though It’s kinda hard enough to understand your slide share at first but it turns out after you read all the slide show.

  • Ann Bevans

    Michael, I love love love this slideshow! You have hit the nail on the head. “We want to be taken places by expert storytellers.” I am working hard everyday to beat the same message into my clients. Well done!

    • Michael Brenner

      Thanks so much Ann. I was just helping Doug tell his secret. I think he’s spot on and I appreciate your support. We need more to hop on the content marketing train.

      • Ann Bevans

        Agreed! Viva la revolution!

  • chwilowki

    Wow! This could be one particular of the most useful blogs We’ve ever arrive across on this subject. Basically Magnificent. I’m also a specialist in this topic so I can understand your effort.

  • Content Marketing is very powerful but lets not forget its nothing new. yes the tech has moved on but it still requires some old fashioned skills

    • Michael Brenner

      That’s true Aaron and yet the majority of marketing is still the declining effectiveness of push and promotion broadcasting. Maybe content marketing is nothing new but it’s becoming a buzzword due to the growing realization that what many call “marketing” is no longer worth the investment.

      • Could not agree more. The feedback loops we can utilize in the digital sphere are good when compared to old fashioned way. Sitting in my office ten years ago if I was handed a brochure and told I could see which pages people stayed on for what time. Content was around but it couldnt be refined in real time which is what excites me so much about testing and analytics and where its going

  • Branko Zecevic

    Confidence has something related to authority.
    In order to build authority you have to be confident in what you know. You have to show that you are resourceful.

    • Michael Brenner

      That’s right Branko, it all starts with real confidence in having delivered value.

  • Carolyn Frith

    Love it! I’m inspired to be confident and have fun!

  • Jeff Ogden

    I agree with Doug, Michael. We are swimming in a deluge of content, emails, videos, etc. and it is more important than every to stand out from the crowd and differentiate yourself.

    I also think Jay Baer had it right. Stop trying to be awesome and start trying to be helpful. It’s hard to be awesome, but helpful is doable.

    Check out this guest post I wrote for Marketo. “Stop Selling, Start Helping – 5 Ways to Create Magnetic Content”

    • Michael Brenner

      Thanks Jeff, I devote most of my content to supporting Jay’s basic message. I think it’s the biggest mistake in most marketing strategy: it seeks to promote the company, not to help the buyers. But once you start creating content, confidence can help to establish you as a trusted source.

  • Alexandra

    Very nice presentation and useful tips, thanks! I would also like to add another C – creativity. By creative content marketing I mean, for example, using Infographics. They are eye-catchy, engaging and you can implement all given 7 tips to them! Here are another great article on the benefits of Infographics

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