Weekend Reading: “They Ask You Answer” by Marcus Sheridan

For the 106th episode of The Marketing Book Podcast, I interviewed Marcus Sheridan author of “They Ask You Answer: A Revolutionary Approach to Inbound Sales, Content Marketing, and Today’s Digital Consumer.”

Marcus Sheridan’s pool company struggled after the housing collapse in 2008; today, it’s one of the largest pool installers in the U.S. How did he do it?

He answered questions.

Every question he’d ever gotten from a customer went on to his website with information that was helpful and completely transparent. By answering questions, his customers fears decreased while their trust increased. And this was long before he’d had any contact with his prospective customers.

The author explains…

Simply put, the greatest companies and modern day rule makers are obsessed with consumer fear, and they allow that fear to dictate their entire business model. And they do this because they know if they are able to eliminate all fears and negative emotions from the buying process, the only emotion left to feel is trust.

When people have questions, they ask a search engine. If you have answers, the right content strategy will get you to the top of the search results and seen by your prospective customers every day, all day.

In the book, Marcus urges companies to drop the marketing-speak, stop “selling,” and start answering – be seen as an authority, not just another advertisement by using quality content, the ingredients for which are already in house.

The book outlines how to structure an effective content strategy using the same proven principles that have revolutionized marketing for all types of businesses, across industries.

A bit more about the book…

Douglas Burdett

Douglas Burdett is the Principal of Artillery, a B2B marketing agency and is host of The Marketing Book Podcast. He is a former artillery officer, Madison Avenue ad man and stand-up comedian.