Top 6 Tools That Will Make You a Better Writer

Writers know plenty of things when it comes to writing. The awesome and scary thing about being a writer is that there is always a place for improvement. This is why people spend a lot of time drafting for weeks, just to come up with quality content and improve their writing skills. We all agree that writing is tough, even for the most proficient writers. The brain may get tired, overwhelmed, and it becomes difficult to figure out the next idea. However, if you have a passion for writing and you keep sharing your thoughts online, but you can’t write an interesting piece without spelling and grammatical errors, readers will not stick around.

That’s really disappointing. But, that is not the end. In fact, it would be nice if the writing was not a daunting task. It would be great if you could write more easily, more frequently and about interesting topics that people would connect with.

That’s why we have collected some of the best writing tools that will help you to become the best writer. Well, you may not use all the tools available. There are those that will speed up the editing process and improve your skills as a writer. Today, we choose six of the best writing tools for you and we believe they are worth checking out. Read on and find out how each one of them will help you upgrade your writing skills.


The English language is described as the most complex languages in the world. When writing, there are a lot of rules involved which must be remembered when writing. Most of these are easily forgotten especially the grammar rules.

The AutoCorrect function found in the Microsoft Word is one of the tools that may show those green and red lines that show some grammatical errors. However, we cannot depend on it fully. Grammarly is a free browser extension that will make your writing better since it allows you to check and catch all the errors you might not be aware of.

It is a tool made to catch grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. It also enhances the usage of vocabulary and suggests citations. If you don’t have one, you can download Grammarly for your browser and also for your word processing program. There is also a chance to upgrade the program to a paid version to get more advanced writing style to better your writing skills. Save yourself the embarrassment of using mixed up words and more.


Some writers love to create one or two pieces of content after every month, while others create content daily for content marketing and just to keep the reader entertained. Scrivener is a writing application that allows you to collect a lot of notes and different research all in one file.

For those who use physical notes to collect information and convert them into writing, Scrivener is the best tool for you. It allows the writer to create an outline a project with notecards. You can create a digital notecard for each of the research you are doing. Also you can arrange them to come up with a full outline. This is for the serious writers only.


Remember Ernest Hemingway, he was known for his short and easy to read sentences. Even with the complexity of the work, it made his work easy to read. Hemingway application helps you to write more clearly. This tool highlights your text and makes it easier to identify long ended sentences for shortening thus making them easier to read.

Remember, the readers want to read something short and easy to read. Breaking your sentences into small sections is a great way to keep the reader glued to the screen and reading more. Grammarly will make your writing better, while Hemingway will make it easier to read.


Writing involves a lot of research and notes. But, it is always good to go for a tool that ideal for the task and saves time. Evernote is an ideal tool that allows you to gather and sort information as fast as possible. It allows you to write a list of the things you need, manage ideas and projects for easier planning. It also has a way of managing deadlines and it allows you to share the information with clients about specific elements of a certain project.

This excellent tools can also make graphs and presentations depending on the content used in the application. With such a tool, clients can follow up and know the status of the project.

Headline Analyzer

When it comes to writing, the headline says much about the content of a paper. A good headline is important when you want to capture the attention of the readers. If the first statement does not capture the reader’s interest, they are not going to stick around and read the rest of the content.

This is where the Headline Analyzer tool comes in handy. It assesses a headline in different ways. It provides a scoring rate of how good your headline is. The score includes SEO factors as well as the sharing history of the words used. The tool can also analyze the nature of your headline, whether it’s positive or negative.

With this tool, you can try to feed at least ten headlines and find your results within the shortest time possible.


Doing something on a daily basis is something great, but it is even greater if it involves creativity and simplifies the work of a writer. Well, there is no better to explain the creativity involved in writing especially using a good writing tool.

This means spending less time and effort writing about a hot topic. Writepls is a curated tool that allows you to enjoy all this. It contains a collection of some of the best articles that can help you become a better writer. There are so many articles on the Web, but only a few are worth reading. This tool saves time by selecting and picking those good articles and send them straight to your inbox. This is perhaps the best tool when writing.

The tool is able to group the articles into four main categories, with different topics ranging from testimonials that involve personals views, and listicles that are more of rules applied in writing. This tool will make your writing even better.

Well, every writer is different in their own way. With a computer as the first writing tool, a writer needs to consider other important tools to sharpen their skills and become more productive. If you spent so many time for writing your first draft, you may use writing services reviews to find any editor or writer. You get to spend less time creating the content and more time improving the content.

These tools go beyond writing. But, they are worth playing around with each of them to determine which one works best for you. There may be more than one but at the end it’s about determining your weakness in writing and making it your strength. After that, the sky is the limit and you are welcome to share your favorite tools with us in our comment box.