Top 10 Financial Services Marketing Influencers You Should Follow in 2016

Every year I choose approximately 20 content marketing and social media marketing influencers to follow closely. I fire up the Twitter List of these marketing influencers first thing in the morning; well after I meditate and hopefully run. I also make it a point to comment on their blog posts and develop real life relationships where possible. For my 2016 list, I have split the list between marketers in the financial services industry and the health care industry. Here, in part one of my 2016 influencers series, I list out the financial services marketing aficionados.  If you are looking to better understand the intersection of FINRA and social media or insurance agent enablement and content marketing follow these top 20 regulated industry marketing influencers. And, of course, follow me as well. Ha.

In coming up with this list, I had three criteria:

  • Must be an individual, not a brand. I follow many brands, but I want to cultivate online relationships with people.
  • Must consistently publish on financial services marketing. These are not across the board social media marketing and content marketing influencers. Influencers did not need to solely focus on financial services to make this list, but they did need to show they have a particular interest in the subject.
  • Must have said “thank you” through their online channels at least once in the last couple of months. Call me old fashioned, but if you don’t know how to say “thank you” to those that are influencing you, you’re either not actively engaged online or not polite.

With that out of the way, here are the marketing influencers I recommend you follow.

Top Brand-Side Financial Services Marketing Influencers

  • Keith Gormley (Director of Social Media at Prudential) – This Boston-based Patriots fan is passionate about more subjects than Tom Brady. Keith highlights the use cases for live-streaming video and mobile apps.
  • Bill Sullivan (Global Head of Financial Services Market Intelligence at Capgemini) – Bill has held a financial services leadership position at my former employer, Capgemini, for a long time. Bill understands how customer experience and marketing intersect in financial services.
  • Clara Shih (CEO of Hearsay) – Clara makes a strong case for enabling advisors and agents. She’s also great at reminding us to invoke emotion through our social media engagement.
  • Christoper Langolise (Digital Marketing Strategy Leader at IBM) – I came across Chris for the first time in researching this 2016 list. I can’t wait to read his thoughts on mobile marketing innovations and content marketing practices for retail banks.

Top Agency or Analyst Publisher Financial Services Marketing Influencers

  • William Comcowich (Head of CyberAlert) – William is a go-to source for summaries on key advertising laws, including updated guidance from the FTC.
  • Augie Ray (Analyst at Gartner) – If you want information devoid of a point of view, skip over Augie. He believes strongly that the foundation of good marketing is a good customer experience. Follow Augie, along with Bill Sullivan, if you want to understand the intersection of customer experience and marketing. In addition, he is a superb resource for advice on building out social care programs and programs focused on cultivating word of mouth advocacy.
  • Ed Terpening (Industry Analyst at Altimeter) – Ever wonder what the difference is between a social media strategy and a social business strategy? Ed shows that there actually is a distinction. For full disclosure, Ed and I worked on a project together at Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield to build out a social care program.
  • Rebecca Lieb – Rebecca and I also collaborated while I was at Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. Years later I follow her every post and steal many of her Tweetable quotes. Kidding about the latter. If you follow for Rebecca for a period of time, you should understand how to complete a content audit, assess internal content marketing capabilities and map your content to the buyer’s journey. The posts from her travels are worth their volume in characters and images.
  • Ryan Hanley – Both Ryan and I have a special place in our hearts for content marketing in the insurance industry. Ryan recognizes that social media relationships are between people and social strategies should reflect that truth. In addition, Ryan’s content marketing how-to’s are first rate. If you are in the insurance industry, you should get to know Ryan.
  • Ron Shevlin (Founder of Snarketing) – I’ve decided to follow Ron for his banking business insights as much as his marketing insights. I’m also looking forward to Ron’s take on modern marketing analytics.

Your turn. Who else should be added to this list for 2016? Feel free to subscribe to the Twitter List.

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