Top 8 Digital Marketing Myths

By Kristel Joy Nisda, Digital Marketing Philippines

Myths, myths, myths everywhere. Sure enough, every industry shares their own legends that somehow people are still inclined to cling on.  But in digital marketing? It really sounds ridiculous since the word “digital” and “myth” seems to be a weird juxtaposition with each other. But worry not, because we are not going to take that history class and talk about Greek and Norse gods, but we are going discuss the top misleading beliefs that people in digital marketing- from practitioners to wannabes- are still holding on and somehow are hard to get rid of, let alone explain their origins.

While some these myths may have been truth during the earlier days of digital marketing, we all know that digital landscape is an ever-changing environment, and what was once the truth is not applicable anymore.

For instance, many business owners who are shifting most of their marketing budgets to digital marketing have this idea that digital marketing is a one-stop solution for every business needs. Sounds gullible right? But that idea may have come from the notion that going digital has a domino effect on every business area from marketing to logistics and customer management- since it takes advantage of technology to keep things together.

But unknown to most people, digital marketing is far deeper than going on the internet and using technology. It also involves complex processes that are far more intricate than traditional media, yet it will never replace practical solutions some of your customers are still expecting from your business. Some customers might still prefer face-to-face interaction with your sales team, while others might still be comfortable seeing your ads in newspaper or television.

Another unusual thing is that despite multitude articles and explanatory videos about digital marketing available on the internet, many people still believes that digital marketing is far easier than implementing traditional media.

Certainly, the steps involved in the digital campaign to get your message to the wider audience is more efficient than using traditional media, but it doesn’t change the fact that digital marketing requires a lot of time and work- which sometimes doesn’t even deliver desired results.

Competition in the digital realm is much tighter than you would expect that a simply written content or cheap 30-second video won’t work. Most of the time, a digital marketing requires  a combination of well-crafted email marketing, a well-planned SEO strategy, paid search, social media interaction, and content marketing- actions that are far heavier than those involved in traditional marketing .

There are other misleading digital marketing beliefs that abound to those business owners and marketers who are not keen enough to changes and latest trends in the marketing industry.

If you are one of those traditional marketers who are still reluctant to take the digital marketing path or a startup owner who are still in the stage of learning the whole concept of technology-driven marketing, here are some of the best digital marketing sites that you can visit and consult to. These websites will provide you with the newest trends and news about digital marketing, as well as meaningful insights on how you can further improve your digital marketing strategy:

  1. Marketing Land: Marketing Land offers daily breaking news stories about all aspects of digital marketing industry, as well as practical tips and guides that you can use in your own digital marketing campaigns
  2. Kiss Metrics: Kiss Metrics is a site you can consult to about digital marketing analytics. It offers useful statistics that you can use for your campaign proposals.
  3. Moz Blog: Moz Blog excels at providing their audience with easy to follow guides that you can apply to your digital marketing strategy.
  4. Content Marketing Institute: Content Marketing Institute is a great site that features the newest trends in content creation and marketing.

Aside from these sites, you can also follow Michael Brenner, one of the leaders in today’s digital age marketing industry. His website, Marketing Insider Group, also offers meaningful insights as well as services to help you carry out your day-to-day digital marketing task like content creation, business case development, visual content strategy, etc.

With the help of those websites, we are hopeful that you’ll have a better understanding of the whole concept of digital marketing. In this visual guide by Digital Marketing Philippines, let us discover the other myths surrounding the digital marketing community, and let this give you the motivation to take extra effort in to be the best digital marketer this year 2016.

Check out the full infographic below.