The Top Graphic and Web Design Trends of 2022

With each passing year, trends fade and new ones submerge into the world. This especially holds true within the digital landscape as well. Not only is it a new year, but we have entered a whole new decade. Since then, we have witnessed a lot of hit and miss trends in the digital era. For the 6th consecutive year, Coastal Creative, a San Diego based printing company, has made promising predictions for design trends and they haven’t disappointed yet.

If you want to stay relevant this time next year, you will want to look at Coastal Creative’s newly developed infographic where they identified eight hot design trends that are bound to be a hit this year, and they are all in a visual format making it easier for you to understand the concepts.

2021 is all about immersive virtual reality panoramas, zero-gravity layouts, surreal product photography, and vivid, futuristic colors. While a marketer might not have first-hand interaction with the design elements, being familiar with them is advantageous. Not only are you expanding your horizon but you can also chime in with your thoughts on design when it comes time. You’ll sound knowledgeable and might even impress a few with your futuristic outlook from the 2021 design trends.

Here are some of the trends that are included in the infographic:

Surreal Product Photos

Flat lays might become a thing of the past, as product photos that play around with textures and structures, going beyond practicality, are fast gaining attention. Product photos no longer stay within the path of what the object is, but transform them into what they can be. Popular brands, like Ikea, Nike, and Gucci, are already using this trend in their campaigns.


Abstract Data Visualization

This trend was actually listed by Marketing Insider Group in a recent blog post, 2021 Marketing Trends, and it has made it to Coastal Creative’s infographic as well so that must tell you how important this trend is going to be which surprising or not, data has now surpassed oil as the most valuable commodity in the world. Designs that illustrate the process of extracting meaningful insights from raw data are a striking reflection of life in the data economy.

Realistic Textures

Hyperrealistic textures are also expected to go big. For years, gradients and smooth objects dominated the industry, but now, textures seem to be taking the front seat especially in experiential design.

Incorporate Design Thinking into Brand Launches

Now for those of you who are planning to launch your business this year, then do keep these trends in mind when the times come to design your website. We know how tough it can be to launch your business and all the blood, sweat, and tears that goes on behind the scenes so we want to make sure you’re on the right track.

You can learn how to take the proper steps and prepare for a smooth launch by checking out this article, how to launch a brand and website the right way, by Marketing Insider Group.

Between Coastal Creative’s 2021 design trend predictions and Marketing Insider Group’s marketing knowledge, you will be ensured for a successful launch.

View the full list of predictions for 2021 design trends from Coastal Creative in the colorful infographic below.


This is a guest post from Joe Robison of Coastal Creative.

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