The Ultimate List of Content Marketing Examples

Michael Brenner on Jan 7, 2019 in Content Marketing

It’s time for our ultimate list. Last year, we found more than 150 content marketing examples worth sharing. In 2018, we’ve found more because content marketing is an even larger discipline than it was just a year ago. Brands from different industries and backgrounds are now entering the world of modern marketing, and we welcome them into the fold.

It’s hard to believe that anyone would still be skeptical about the power of content marketing, but in case there are any holdouts, we’ve got the proof you need with lots of examples. You can also get our Content Marketing ROI formulas free, perfect for anyone who loves numbers. Odds are your competitors are moving full steam ahead with content marketing. Do you want to be left behind?

Content Marketing Is Not Advertising

Traditional advertising whether in print, broadcast or digital format, is but a mere disruption, which means it’s not relevant or wanted. Content marketing is different. It’s based on delivering solutions, answers and ideas to buyers who actually need those very things. Content marketing starts a conversation with a buyer—it’s not a hard sell.

The first step to becoming a best content marketing example is to understand the clear difference between the two. Some brands do both, and that makes sense for them. Odds are, they get more ROI from content marketing than the money they spend on traditional advertising. Plus, content marketing is much easier to measure compared to ads.

What It Takes to Be a Great Content Marketing Example

In assembling our list, we had to create some criteria around what we considered to be great. There needs to be a balance of design and utility. It has to get the job done—value of some kind—and ideally they are well designed.

The topic needs to be relevant and interesting to the audience. It should have a high readability score and cover the topic from an angle that delivers new insights and ideas. And of course, it should not be all about your brand. In fact, the less the brand name is used, the better. This is true thought leadership.

The examples on our list cover a wide variety of industries and formats. From eBooks to apps to video, content marketing includes a spectrum of opportunities. You’ll find the examples in alphabetical order instead of numbered because on this list, they all deserve equal props.

The Ultimate List of Content Marketing Examples

1. AARP listens to its members and develops content based on their needs in their monthly magazine that has over 22 million subscribers.

2. AbbVie StoryLab, a content hub focusing on the healthcare community.

3. Adobe and’s digital publication literally targets their buyers with content and insight.

4. ADP’s SPARK on igniting the power of people

5. Airbnb Magazine

6. American Express Open Forum is one of the oldest examples of modern content marketing!

7. Anthropologie’s a BLOG is filled with ideas on what to pack or how to mix and match plates for a dinner party.

8. Audi’s Magazine

9. Autotask generates lots of content in different formats to attract customers.

10. Away Here, which signifies Away as a travel and lifestyle brand, not a bag company.

11. Barclaycard “The Fast Track” interactive online course for small business.

12. Bayer Magazine offers the latest in heath science

13. Bed Bath & Beyond One More Thing 

14. Ben & Jerry’s What’s New, which is about much more than ice cream.

15. Birchbox Magazine

16. Blendtec “Will It Bend” video series is just pure fun

17. Bloomberg Diversity & Inclusion blog where stories of diversity show innovation.

18. Blue Apron’s Blog uses storytelling to attract fans.

19. British Airways Destinations

20. Bumble’s The Beehive 

21. Buffer Blog on everything social

22. Buzzstream uses a variety of content formats to rise to thought leader status.

23. Capgemini partners with LinkedIn to create Content Loop (one of my favorite examples of ROI)

24. CA Technologies Rewrite

25. Caterpillar #BUILTFORIT content hub for kids is pretty amazing and includes a machines playing Jenga.

26. CB Insider’s funny and informational newsletter

27. Chanel’s “Inside Chanel

28. Cheerios Recipes 

29. Cisco Blogs and blogs and blogs…

30. Clambr’s Featured Experts Articles

31. ClassPass’ great fitness content on The Warm Up.

32. Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials another one of my favorite examples.

33. Clif Bar Our Stories, that exudes brand values.

34. CMI has great content overall but even did a 45-min movie called “The Story of Content.”  

35. Cox Media Group created an online “Success Kit” with valuable information to help other businesses succeed.

36. Crowe Insights develops content to target accountants and consultants with case studies, infographics, video and more.

37. DemandBase just rebranded their Account Based Marketing Blog  

38. Dell Technologies Perspectives uses a content-first approach and takes on thought leadership.

39. Ellevest Insights, an investing platform with content focused on females.

40. Eli Lilly: LillyPad 

41. Equinox Furthermore 

42. Etsy Blog 

43. Farmer’s Insurance Learn from Experience content hub.

44. Fidelity MyMoney, offering money advice for every stage of life.

45. First Republic Articles & Insights with topics and stories with high relevance for its audience.

46. First Round Review makes the most of long-form content.

47. Fiverr Guides 

48. Four Seasons Magazine helps the brand connect to luxury travelers.

49. Fujitsu I-Global Intelligence for the CIO is the go-to digital content hub for information technology leaders.

50. GEICO More 

51. GE Reports has been a great example of brand storytelling for a long

52. GE Healthcare’s new Insights Platform

53. Glassdoor’s Blog including the awesome “25 Tips from Top CEOs” eBook

54. Goldman Sachs and the leadership hub “Our Thinking,” featuring podcasts, articles, and infographics.

55. The Google Blog is mostly company news but has some interesting stories on “Working With People.”

56. GoPro News has some cool stories interspersed with news and product updates

57. Harry’s Five O’clock 

58. Headspace “The Orange Dot”—advancing mindfulness and meditation.

59. Hermes’ gorgeous videos 

60. Hootsuite Blog includes this awesome “A Game of Social Thrones” video

61. HPE’s Newsroom sets the bar for corporate newsrooms (Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s content hub)

62. HubSpot Blog —one of the reigning kings of content marketing.

63. IBM’s Blog has a ton of great content

64. InVision’s blog turns design into a problem solver, not an aesthetic.

65. Intel IQ Blog has been a leader in our space for a long time.

66. Intuit’s Blog 

67. IKEA Ideas, featuring style and decorating tips.

68. Inside Intercom has distinct visuals and creative content.

69. Intelligentsia Brew Guides 

70. Intrepid Traveler’s content hub “The Journal,” which is filled with stories of real travelers.

71. Hello J. Crew’s editorial content 

72. John Deere’s 120-year-old publication “The Furrow,” which still leads with education and information over sales.

73. Johnson & Johnson’s home page reads more like a digital magazine with great health and wellness content.

74. Kinsta’s “A Beginner’s Guide to Website Speed Optimization,” is a masterfully done long-form content piece.

75. KLM iFly, the content hub for travel inspiration.

76. Land Rover Stories 

77. LeadPages Blog has great tips on converting website traffic

78. LEGO Family has amazing play ideas, building ideas, birthday party ideas and more (plus tons of awesome videos)

79. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog is awesome. Just check out their “The Secret Sauce

80. Live Person’s resources hub 

81. L’Oreal’s is another one of my long time favorites.

82. Lowe’s Creative Ideas inspires homeowners.

83. Lush Stories adds quirkiness to its content marketing plan, including inside videos.

84. Madewell Musings Blog 

85. MailChimp’s Blog speaks to their Small Biz audience

86. Marketo’s Blog is a must-read for every marketer.

87. Marriott Traveler 

88. MassMutual’s Society of Grownups, the content hub that helps the world understand how to be a grown-up. Full of relatable, informational, and humorous content.

89. MasterCard 

90. Mazda’s Zoom-Zoom Magazine 

91. Michael’s The Glue String blog

92. Microsoft’s “Anatomy of a Data Breach” Interactive Site

93. Morgan Stanley 

94. Moz’s Whiteboard Fridays

95. Mr Porter’s Journal

96. National Association of Realtors’ HouseLogic 

97. Neil Patel’s “The Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing

98. Net-A-Porter

99. Netflix

100. Old Spice videos shift to humor, rarely mentioning the brand.

101. Optum eBooks and resources

102. Oracle 

103. Pedigree 

104. Peloton’s “The Output,” generating content for all the brand’s fans.

105. Pfizer’s Get Old website

106. Plated’s Morsel, with its beautiful imagery and great tips.

107. Progressive Commercial Business Onward, content for SMBs.

108. Qualcomm’s Spark

109. Random House 

110. Red Bull TV enables a stronger brand message and enhances one of our industries favorite examples in the RedBulletin magazine

111. REI’s Paul’s Boots video

112. Rent the Runway’s The Shift blog

113. Rip Curl, the “ultimate surfing company” with its online publication “The Search” where surfers share stories of searching for the best wave.

114. Rolex shows that even as an iconic brand, you can master content marketing. Their Instagram account is sophisticated and timeless and has over seven million followers.

115. Rosetta Stone 

116. Rue La La: Rule Now 

117. Sage Advice—which is a very clever name—offers information for SMEs on finances.

118. Salesforce 

119. Santander and the Prosper and Thrive content hub designed for millennials.

120. Scripted uses content for every stage in the buyer journey.

121. Sephora and the Beauty Insider Community, which contains mostly user-generated content.

122. Siege Media’s 100 Best Infographics 

123. Simply Business publishes useful tips and guides, making a dull subject interesting.

124. Slack Several People Typing 

125. SoulCycle Community 

126. Square 

127. Starbucks 

128. Stitch Fix Stitch Fix/Style gives women ideas on outfits and features designer spotlights.

129. Sungard’s “Holiday Survival Tips” 

130. Sun Life Financial

131. Superdrug’s campaign to raise awareness about body image issues is a great example of the power of content marketing. The company asked graphic designers all over the world to edit a photo of a model in Photoshop to express the norms of their country. The body image campaign went viral and netted three million views and at least one million social shares, including from celebrities.

132. STR Software created a “university” as its content hub and promoted it via many channels.

133. Sweetgreen’s content hub Passion + Purpose is part of Medium.

134. Tableau 

135. Taco Bell’s “The Feed,” directed at college-age buyers and leans heavily on humor.

136. The Hartford’s two content hubs: Small Biz Ahead and Extra Mile.

137. The Home Depot “Grow a Living Salad Bowl” Infographic

138. Toshiba’s Smart Community

139. Twitter Business Outlook

140. Unbounce

141. United Airlines The United Hub features destination specific stories and service tips.

142. USAA Stories

143. Virgin Mobile, a long-time participant in content marketing, is still innovating.

144. Visit Seattle uses video to capture the experiences travelers can have in the city.

145. Wal-Mart “Based on a Wal-Mart Receipt

146. Warby Parker uses content for brand building.

147. Whole Foods Market shares beautiful food photos, killing it on social media.

148. Wistia’s “Terms of Service” is a fun idea!

149. WP Engine used content to drive more business and funding.

150. Wyng’s “Guide to Their Campaign Use Cases”

151. Xerox

152. Zappos The Ones

153. Zendesk takes keyword phrase “Zendesk alternatives” to create spoof video taking the page to number one in results for the keyword.

154. Zipcar’s Ziptopia, engaging drivers between rentals.

155. Zomato’s great sense of humor is a winner for this restaurant finder app. They have a knack for creating and sharing images on social media poking fun at popular culture.

That’s a long list with lots of great examples. If you’d like to create something amazing with your content marketing but aren’t sure where to start, contact us today, and we’ll help you make the list next year.

Michael Brenner
Michael Brenner
Michael Brenner is a globally-recognized keynote speaker, author of The Content Formula and the CEO of Marketing Insider Group. He has worked in leadership positions in sales and marketing for global brands like SAP and Nielsen, as well as for thriving startups. Today, Michael shares his passion on leadership and marketing strategies that deliver customer value and business impact. He is recognized by the Huffington Post as a Top Business Keynote Speaker and a top CMO influencer by Forbes. Please follow him on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook and Subscribe here for regular updates.
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