The Ultimate List of 53 Blog Post Ideas for Content Marketers

Starting a blog is easy, but creating quality, valuable content regularly and consistently can be hard. If you ever find yourself stuck and can’t figure out what to write for your next blog, keep reading! Thanks to the folks at Digital Marketer, they’ve created this great infographic with 53 blog post ideas you can try out, categorized under eight different goals you may be trying to reach with your blog:

Be Useful

These are blog post ideas that will provide value to your audience and help you establish credibility and authority in your space:

  1. List Posts

List posts are easy to scan and read, particularly for those who are pressed for time and want to get to the key points right away. You can create blog posts featuring lists of resources, tools, books, and any other topics your target audience will find useful.

  1. How-to Posts

How-to posts are another popular format for blogs. By walking readers through a process of getting something done, they leave with actionable steps and tips that they can apply to solve a specific problem or challenge they’re facing. Make your how-to posts more engaging by incorporating videos, audios, or images.

  1. Case Study Posts

The word “case study” itself carries more perceived value than other terms like blogs, posts and articles, so it’s a great format to grab a reader’s attention and encourage them to click through. Case study posts aim to unpack details of something, for example a process, project or event.

  1. Checklist Posts

If your content can be broken down into a checklist, it will often perform better because it’s an easy to digest format for readers to scan and take action on the itemized key points you’re sharing.

  1. Ultimate Guide Posts

Just like this post, ultimate guide posts aim to provide readers a comprehensive, detailed coverage of a given topic. When you’re doing an ultimate guide post, make sure you actually take the time to do your research and deliver a definitive post.

  1. Definition Posts

In niche markets, or where there’s an emerging trend that most people don’t know about for example, you can create a series of posts that educate and inform your readers on various aspects of your given topic. This is an effective format to help establish your thought leadership and expertise in your space.

  1. SAQ Posts

No that wasn’t a typo! Should Ask Question (SAQ) posts highlight questions customers or prospects don’t ask but should be asking. This is another great format to be helpful and provide value to your readers.

  1. Problem/Solution Posts

Similar to how-to, checklist and SAQ posts, problem/solution posts aim to help readers solve a certain challenge they are facing by defining the problem and presenting helpful solution(s) they can consider.

  1. Series Posts

If you’re covering a complex topic, or if there are opportunities to break a topic into a series, you can publish a post every day or week to encourage your readers to come back for the next installment. Linking your articles also helps drive traffic to other posts in your series.

  1. Stats Posts

A stats post is just what it sounds like – a post with original and/or curated statistics on a given topic. It’s another popular format for blogs since it’s easy to scan and for readers to pull out the key points right away.

Be Human

Your customers are human. They want to build relationships and engage in conversations, not talking to robots or listening to corporate speak every day. Here are six blog post ideas that can help you humanize your brand:

  1. Inspirational Posts

Some of the most effective or popular blogs on the web aren’t informational or entertaining, but simply inspirational. This format works really well as a story, profile or quote post for example.

  1. Holiday Posts

Holidays present huge opportunities for marketers to humanize their brand and build authentic, emotional connection with customers, by delivering well-wishes or showing their humorous side to their audience for example.

  1. Guard Down Posts

Sharing a deeply personal experience or story is one of the most effective ways to connect with your readers. By letting your guard down, not only are you showing your “human” side but you’re also sharing an experience the audience may relate to.

  1. Behind-the-scenes Posts

This blog format works well especially if you have a loyal following who is interested in seeing what goes on behind-the-scenes at your company.

  1. Off-topic Posts

This type of posts can be risky as they may seem irrelevant to your readers. But if you have a strong following who has become accustomed to the topics you usually cover, this blog format can sometimes shock or surprise them and can receive a great response.

  1. Rant Posts

Like guard down posts, a rant post shows your human side by sharing your passion, anger or frustration about a topic relevant to your audience. This format isn’t right for everyone, but it can get a great response with the right content and audience.

Be Generous

One of the best ways to grow your blog and increase traffic is being generous by promoting other people. When you promote others, they will help promote you and your content as well. Here are some ways to get started:

  1. Profile Posts

Write a profile of an influential person in your space. Make sure you reach out to them via social, email or phone to let them know, so they also have an opportunity to share it with their network.

  1. Crowdsourced Posts

Collaborate with multiple influencers to answer a single question and combine into a post. For example, you can get 10 influencers to share their responses in 100 words or less on a topic relevant to your audience.

  1. Interview Posts

You’d be surprised by how willing even the most influential people in your space would be to give you an interview if you just ask. The easiest way to interview someone is via a phone call or podcast session, but there are many other ways you can do this depending on what the interviewee prefers.

  1. Link Roundup Posts

Curate and link to other posts or content that you think your audience will find relevant and valuable to read. You may want to consider including a short blurb or one-liner to describe what each piece of content is about. This type of post works great as an ongoing series you can publish every week or month.

  1. Quote Posts

Who doesn’t love to read quotes from influential people? Take a topic your audience may be interested in and ask or pull quotes from multiple influencers and thought leaders in your space. If applicable, be sure to let those people know that you’ve quoted them.

  1. “Best of” Posts

The best of posts often include content, resources, tools or anything else that you’ve curated, linked to, or written about, which you can highlight and package up as a “toolbox” that will be informative and helpful for your audience to use.

  1. Pick of the Week Posts

In a pick of the week post, you share a piece of content, resource or tool that you’ve curated, linked to or blogged about before, which you think your audience should know or read.

  1. People to Follow posts

People to follow posts are another popular blog format to highlight influencers and thought leaders in your space. In your posts, you can include a short description of these individuals as well as links to their social media channels, blogs, websites, books, etc., for your audience to look into.

Be Promotional

Some brands use blogs in a very promotional way, and while it doesn’t work for everyone, it is extremely effective for some:

  1. Comparison Posts

Like the title suggests, you compare the benefits and features of your products against the solutions of your competitors. To build trust, you want to include cases where your products are not the best solutions.

  1. Project Showcase Posts

Create a post to highlight a project your organization is working on or has completed. Whenever you can, share the process and results.

  1. Presentation Posts

If your executives or employees are presenting at conferences, events or online webinars, why not upload these to the web? Consider publishing presentations that contain relevant and valuable content for your audience.

  1. “Best of” Posts

Pull together some of the most popular blogs you’ve published over a period of time. Many companies do this at the end of the year to highlight their top content.

  1. Income Report Posts

In the age of transparency, you may want to open the kimono and share with your audience the money your organization is making.

  1. Product Update Posts

If you have a loyal and strong fan base, you’d be surprised by how well a post announcing a new feature or product will do on your site and via social. Facebook announcing its new feature Reactions is a great example.

  1. Company Update Posts

Similar to income report posts, company updates aim to inform and share with customers and prospects the latest information about your company, which may include recent acquisitions, customers, etc.

  1. Product Tips Posts

Share tips and advice to help customers be more successful with your products or services. This type of posts can be both promotional and useful, and can be extremely effective for the right audience.

Be Controversial

If it fits with your brand, controversial posts can get a lot of attention and action from your target audience. Here are some ideas for controversial blog posts:

  1. “What If” Posts

If you can choose a “what if” topic that is debatable and relevant to your audience, this type of blog posts can be extremely successful and thought-provoking.

  1. Debate Posts

Take a stance on a certain topic and present your side of the argument. You can also find someone who disagrees with your stance to present both sides of an argument in your post.

  1. Attack Posts

You’ll want to be really careful with this type of blogs, but if you pick the right person, event or organization in an attack post it will force your readers to take sides and can get you a lot of attention and conversations going. Done right, you can earn some die hard, loyal fans.

  1. Prediction Posts

Similar to “what if” and debate posts, you take a speculative and debatable stance on a given topic by predicting what will or will not happen in the future. Predictions can get great conversations going and help drive traffic to your blog.

  1. Reaction Posts

Use your blogs as opportunities to respond to blogs, books or presentations created by someone else.

Be Entertaining

Entertaining content can be challenging to create, but done right it can be extremely effective. These are some common formats:

  1. Story Posts

Tell a story that would be entertaining and interesting to your audience. Story posts can be separate, individual blogs or as part of a series of posts.

  1. Satire Posts

Humor, through the use of exaggeration and irony, works really well with timely issues like sports or politics.

  1. Cartoon Posts

This type of posts can give readers a good laugh and think about certain topics or issues relevant to your space. Cartoon post works really well as a series as well as weekly or monthly publications.

  1. Meme Posts

Meme’s are extremely popular and humorous pieces that can go viral across the web. You can create your own or curate from sites like

  1. Parody Posts

This type of posts can be very humorous and entertaining if you imitate a well-known individual or entity and exaggerate their strengths or weaknesses.

Be Timely

For some niches, it takes commitment and hard work to stay timely and up-to-date with the latest updates in your space. If you find it too daunting to keep up with the latest news, consider creating a blog series that covers timely information on a weekly basis, for example. Here are some blog post ideas that are timely:

  1. Review Posts

Review a product, service, event or anything while it is still newsworthy. For review posts to be effective, you want to be as honest and unbiased as you can. Painting everything in a good light even when not warranted does not provide any value to your readers.

  1. Survey Posts

Survey your audience about a newsworthy or trending topic then share the results in a blog post. It’s a great way to get your readers involved and drive traffic to your blog.

  1. News Posts

Consider covering events as they are happening. You don’t necessarily have to be the person to “break” the story, but make sure you do add a new perspective or insight that your readers will find interesting or valuable.

  1. Trend Posts

If you’re able to spot trends as they are happening, create content relevant to that trend as it becomes popular. Not only will this help you or your brand stand out from the crowd, but it will boost your credibility and authority in your space.

  1. Issue Posts

Create content about issues that matter to your audience while they are still timely and relevant.

Be Engaging

Engagement may not necessarily be your end goal, but having an engaged audience is crucial to the success of your blog. Here are some post ideas that can increase engagement:

  1. Question Posts

Monitor and track questions your audience asks on forums, in the comments section, or on social media, and answer them in your blogs.

  1. Answer Posts

With answer posts, you actually ask your audience a question and encourage them to share their answers in the comments section. Co-creation is an effective strategy to promote engagement by getting your audience involved in creating your content.

  1. Challenge Posts

Posing a challenge to your readers is another way to get your audience involved. This post type works well as a blog series with updates on the status or progress made by readers who are participating in the challenge.

  1. Customer Showcase Posts

While partly promotional, featuring a customer or a project you’ve worked on does help build engagement.

  1. Contest Posts

Holding contests on your blog is another great way to boost engagement and participation from your readers. This post type also works well as a series as you can provide ongoing updates on winners or contest results.

  1. Freebie Posts

Create content that allows your readers to get access to giveaways that are relevant or interesting to them.

Did Digital Marketer miss any other blog post ideas? Please share them in the comments section!

Check out the full infographic below:

ultimate list of blog post ideas infographic

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