Using Intuition as Your Unfair Advantage at Work [Podcast]

Intuition gets a bad rap in the working world. We associate it with gut feelings, snap judgments, perhaps the Muse — all things that we assume aren’t as powerful as rational thought.

But what if your intuition IS rational? Maybe it IS a function of logic, it’s just that it happens at such an exponentially fast rate that we can’t retrace our steps. If that were the case, others would assume that what we did was totally (well, you know) unthinkable. How’d you come up with that? How’d you do that? That seems crazy! You’re telling me it was a “gut feel”? 

If all that were the case, you’d either appear to be a visionary, concocting new paths forward in an instant, or you’d be shot down by the peer, the boss, the client who wants to hear concrete steps laid out on a map.

What if intuition was actually the same as the kind of thinking we value in the business world but it reaches full potential quicker? Wouldn’t that be an insanely valuable skill? If you could instantly skip ahead of your peers by seven, 17, or 77 steps or pull from seven, or 17, or 77 sources of ideas … wouldn’t you want to figure out how that works?! Wouldn’t you cultivate it? Practice it? Get to the point where you could actually RELY on it?

Intuition. Your unfair advantage. It’s Unthinkable.

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