What Are We Searching For?


We’re taking a 4-week hiatus from new episodes to tinker on 3 core things driving Unthinkable forward. We’re sharing the behind-the-scenes of our creative process via email only, so be sure to sign up at unthinkable.fm to get one email per week.

Over the first few months of the show, your response to what we’re doing has been a pleasant surprise. To be honest, you’ve floored me. There’s a real depth of thought and emotion behind our interactions, which is so rare to find in any community or creative project. Some of you have even asked if you can work with me on the show — for free, for fun. I can think of no greater compliment to the project than people like you offering your precious time and creative talent so willingly.

Thanks to you, I have stronger conviction about what we’re doing together on Unthinkable than about anything I’ve done in my life aside from proposing to my wife. But it’s not like I’m this excited because of some data point whose growth suggests that the show could make a big splash in the iTunes store.


I’m this excited because of some people — YOU — whose emotional response to the show suggests that it could make a big difference in the world.

You’re not X-number of downloads. You’re Andrew D., Caroline N., Josh C., Ryan B., Elizabeth D., Jason H., Andrew L., Carrie G., Mae S., Ryan L., Danny D., Lara E., Lucas M., Jayca P., Mandy B., Adam N., Maureen B., Miles B., Chris H. — I could continue but suffice to say, I’ve gotten to know and respect and admire many, many craft-driven creators who inspire me every day simply because you care a ton about finding that same certain “something” that caused me to create Unthinkable.

A Grander Journey Towards “Something”

We’re all searching for that same thing, but what is it, exactly? And, more selfishly, if I’m helping lead such an important search, then, um … how do I not screw this all up? (Oh God, PLEASE let me not screw this up!)

After much reflection (read: freaking out) and strategy sessions (read: curling up in a ball on the couch and binge-watching Scrubs), I’ve identified three things that we need to figure out to ensure everything we love about Unthinkable only gets better from here.

We’ll be addressing those three things together in the coming four weeks.

Over that period, you’ll hear from me via this email list once per week (if someone forwarded this to you, subscribe at unthinable.fm). I’ll be sharing the behind-the-scenes of what we’re working on as we dive into those three core areas: creative frameworks, business model, and mission.

2 Things You Can Do

First, be sure to listen to this 9-minute message about this 4-week period: iTunesSoundCloud | Stitcher

Second, I’d love your help on the mission to get us started so that my next email contains a clearer mission partially informed by YOU.

Email me your take on what our mission should be: [email protected]

Don’t edit yourself either — I want your gut’s reaction, not your head’s. What do you feel Unthinkable is all about?

THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting and responding to the show the way you have. I couldn’t be more excited about where this journey will take us next!

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