What’s ‘Surging’ in Marketing?

By Marc Johnson, GM & CMO, Bombora

With a myriad of marketing trends and technologies vying for the spotlight, how do you know what’s really top of mind with B2B marketers themselves? Cutting through the hype, what are B2B marketers actually looking to buy?

To get the answers, Bombora partnered with the Aberdeen Group to create ‘The Surge’ infographic – an exploration of trending topics within the marketing industry.

Based on Bombora’s company-level B2B intent data, a ‘Surge’ scores indicates when content on a specific topic is being consumed much more (or less) than normal according to established benchmarks.  

Some the results were surprising. Andrew Moravick, Senior Research Associate at the Aberdeen Group analyzed the topics in terms of what might be driving interest in them, from the perspective of what ‘best-in-class’ marketers do. 

Here is what we found:

  1. It’s great to have results, but if you can’t interpret and share them, what’s the point? Enter ‘Marketing Dashboards’, the top surging topic indicating that B2B marketers are prioritizing finding visual solutions to organize their CRM and campaign data.  According to Aberdeen, best-in-class marketers are 52 percent more likely to use analytics and data visualization solutions.
  2. Driving interest in products and services will always be at the center of any solid marketing strategy and ‘Lead Generation’ – the second most popular topic – is key to this. Content marketing is increasingly being adopted to drive lead gen.
  1. Data-driven ‘Telemarketing’, especially when used for follow up after intent-targeted marketing campaigns can be very effective in driving conversion. Forty-one percent of marketing organizations practice some form of telemarketing.
  2. Despite seeming to have faded out as newer mobile technologies took the spotlight; ‘QR Codes’ remain relevant. These cross channel codes are powerful because they offer digital tracking of non-digital marketing channels.
  3. The concept of ‘Brand Equity, Management & Loyalty’ no longer just sits with marketing, but permeates the entire organization. Year-over-year marketers who increase brand awareness experience 3.7 times increase in company revenue, compared to those who have stagnating brands.

Understanding Surge data helps identify when B2B buyer are ready to act and should help improve your relevance and marketing engagement with your prospects and customers.

About Marc: With over 20 years experience helping build data businesses in the marketing and media technology industry, Marc Johnson leads the strategic growth of Bombora and heads its marketing team. Previously Marc served as the CMO of Resonate, a venture-backed analytics and audience targeting company, named a cool vendor by Gartner and a four-time Inc. 5000 company. He was the Global Chief Marketing Officer and North American GM of Experian Hitwise, a consumer insights and competitive intelligence company operating in 11 countries. Marc has also served as Executive Vice-President to Buzzmetrics, the first consumer-generated media research firm (acquired by Nielsen). Marc is also currently an advisor to Superdata Research and Bombora partner, Moat.

Bombora - The Surge -Marketing - May 2016