When Content Strategy Meets Social Activation – A #ProfsChat Review

People often ask, “which comes first the channel or the content?” And the answer is that both content and channel are important.

Why have a social channel or a website or a paid media program with no clear content strategy to support your objectives? And what is the point of having great content, if no one can find it?

Last Friday, I was honored to be the guest for @MarketingProfs #Profschat. And although we were competing with a webinar by the amazing Nancy Duarte, we still had a strong showing by some super smart people who shared their thoughts on the subject.

So with a big thanks to Megan Leap for having me on the tweetchat, here is a transcript of the 112 best quotes and tweets from the event…

@MProfsEvents: Q1: Why should marketers integrate content strategy and social media marketing? What are the benefits?

@brennermichael: Great Q. Content Strategy is about having the content your audience wants. Social is about engaging where they are. Need BOTH!

@threeThou: @MProfsEvents A1: don’t they naturally go hand in hand?

@Eloqua @BrennerMichael Totally agree, Michael. Content is really the backbone of social efforts & increasingly for PR too.

@edgardiazemes A1: content should help social activation, if it is useful it will


@MProfsEvents Q2: So, how do you integrate content and social? Is it just providing content via social channels, or does it go beyond that? 

@threeThou I think people integrate them naturally, but don’t think about it and maximize their efforts, if that makes sense.

@sireadvertising It’s always good to have a plan, even if it needs to be tweaked along the way. Better to be organized and ready that not at al.

@BrennerMichael Benefits are traffic to your site, conversions, sales – and you build trust by engaging with your audience earlier.

@Hoovers Integrating content with social is a two-way street. It’s not just pushing content thru social; there’s pull involved, too.

@BarryBirkett @brennermichael So you use social to get them interested in your content?

@BrennerMichael @BarryBirkett i would say you use social to deliver what they want, where they want it

@threeThouRT @BrennerMichael: Content Strategy is about having the content your audience wants. Social is about engaging where they are.

@sireadvertising You need to develop content that is worthy of being shared on social platforms.

@BrennerMichael It starts w/ understanding what your audience wants. Then understanding where they are. Big issue w/ integration is context

@ChrisFHFX @MProfsEvents SM is a great way to get the message out; it accelerates the spreading of GREAT content

@threeThou @Hoovers Engagement is key. You can have “awesome” content but if people aren’t engaging it’s useless on social

@ChrisFHFX @MProfsEvents Have to create with the Medium in mind – depends on the goals-Generally, short bursts work well

@eamcc Like the quality intention RT @sireadvertising: …develop content that is worthy of being shared on social platforms.

@threeThou @sireadvertising And different social platforms require different types of content (people use them for different purposes)

@threeThou @BarryBirkett @mprofsevents That’s a big issue people/brands have with social. Not understanding engagement

@threeThou RT @BrennerMichael: Context means understanding the right way to engage w/ content. Facebook, Twitter, Blogs have diff context

@kmullett RT @BarryBirkett@mprofsevents@threeThou I still see too many people using social to push out content, not engaging with it.

@edgardiazemes A2: you should enable your customers to share your content on social platforms

@lizcable Social engagement has the same rules as conversation – 2 ears, 1 mouth, use in that proportion.

@eamcc Q2 Content and context are congruous. Consider as a sequence and it’s a #fail for sure.


@MProfsEvents Q3: So how do you effectively integrate content with social–not just push it out–but really engage your audience with it?

@BrennerMichael A3: starts w/ having something that helps your audience. Then conversation should flow there.

@Hoovers Context also involves previous conversations. How did they unfold? What ?s were left unanswered? Where are the deltas?

@MarComm3 @BrennerMichael Totally agree, Michael. Content is really the backbone of social efforts & increasingly for PR too.

@kmullett A3: Using slideshares zipcast feature can work, but I’ve found it hit or miss. Liveshare or Ustream can work as well.

@threeThou @MProfsEvents Tailor the content. Phrase it differently. Ask a question. Post photos. Make it more engaging

@ChrisFHFX @MProfsEvents It’s got to be about the audience – if they relate it resonates: they consume, believe… then share.

@csinkus Great point if you are using social as a distribution channel only you are missing the biggest opp- engagement

@BarryBirkett @threethou: I like that, keep trying to find out what draws in the engagement. @MProfsEvents

@BrennerMichael Best way to engage: ask questions of your audience. Then they create the content for you!

@BarryBirkett A3: Engaging is the big challenge. Even when you provide what they want, some simply consume & no more.

@Amoravick A3: Content & social should be integrated from the beginning – social should invite others to be a part of your content’s story.

@BrennerMichael Rule of successful social content: be helpful!

@eamcc W/ some shaping! RT @BrennerMichael: Best way to engage: ask questions of your audience. Then they create the content for you!

@DigitalKaitlyn A3 you can integrate content into a social strategy w/ content that people want to share:Lists, top tools,useful holiday tips etc

@Evyfindstheway @mprofsevents A3 Ask questions with content tied to your biz in mind. Then direct the community to interact with the brand

@Hoovers Social engagement won’t happen w/out the business exhibiting some deep thought in the questions they’re asking/content posted.

@DigitalKaitlyn A3 also when sharing content from a blog, its more effective to create unique messages with a link for each social platform

@BrennerMichael RT @samfiorella No. That’s right on! It’s all about starting conversations!


@MProfsEvents Q4: What tools and metrics do you use to measure success of content + social programs? 

@BrennerMichael A4: Measurement depends on the objective. And then the measurements follow. Traffic, likes, RTs, only important if they meet obj

@slbennett A4: Bit.ly has been a saving grace & the free version allows us to track countries, platforms and etc. Works great for us

@DigitalKaitlyn A4 Apart from comments, likes, and retweets, you can also focus on how many people have commented & returned multiple times

@lizcable A4: I still like bit.ly for beginners to #socialmedia. Easy, and measurable. A click can start a conversation.

@mscrimsonlips #profschat I like to think of Twitter as a gateway to more info, a signpost but you need people travelling the road to use your signs

@kmullett A4: Heavy use of Google Analytics annotation tool. When you post/promote content via channels you mark it.

@csinkus A4 Get beyond the clicks and opens. Comments, likes, RT, shares, link backs etc.

@kmullett A4b: Then bit.ly, visibli, buffer stats, crowdbooster, commun.it, and maybe even tweetreach. Among others.


@MProfsEvents Q5: What are some ways to start conversations with your audience? Seems simple, but many companies don’t do this… 

@threeThou @MProfsEvents Ask a question.

@samfiorella A5: Tip: think about your customers needs before your own. The rest flows from there.

@BrennerMichael A5: I already mentioned asking questions to engage. But also: comments on news, surveys are good, telling personal, human stories

@threeThou @MProfsEvents A5: Share relevant info. Make it fun and interesting. Simple contests. Questions. Share a photo. Be yourself.

@BarryBirkett A5: I like an approach I see some use – make a statement contrary to audience position. Can blow up in wrong audience, though.

@thisisZainab Just joining #ProfsChat A5: Share a question raised by a member of your audience and get your community to weigh in
 A5: Don’t focus on creating convos w/customers, allow customers to start conversations with you!! Be there.

@Hoovers Before starting a social conversation, make an impression–some spark of who we are/what we stand for. A response stimulus.

@Amoravick A5 Listen before you speak – that’s the start of any good conversation. Then, converse on the audience’s interests -not brand’s


@MProfsEvents Q6: What are some examples of companies who successfully integrate content + social? 

@threeThou @MProfsEvents A6 @Target does an amazing job with social, web content, blog content, video content. #Obsessed

@BrennerMichael A6: @MarketingProfs do a great job 😉 and @Eloqua @Hubspot@Hoovers@Intuit@OpenForum @SAP (of course!) What do you think?


@MProfsEvents Q7: How important is it to humanize your content + social strategy? 

@threeThou @MProfsEvents Very important. Social media is human at the core.

@samfiorella A7: The web’s underpinnings are now social, not data-based so “humanizing content” is key!

@_tashaB A7) Extremely important – any company that can provide great content while engaging customers socially is a great company

@GnosisArts A7 I made the point in previous chat, that “humanizing” is not necessarily the aim of branding, PR or comms. Becoming cliche

@MarComm3 @MProfsEvents: Q6: If you can’t personalize/humanize your business, you fail at social.

@DigitalKaitlyn A7 The reason SM for biz has been so successful is b/c it gives the brand a relateable personality, w/o that you’re just a logo

@BrennerMichael A7: Being human is EVERYTHING. Personal storytelling is the one skill every marketer must have (plug @NancyDuarte!)

@kmullett A7: Very! I say this often. H.E.L.P philosophy = Humanize message, Encourage conversation, Listen first, Promote less.

@BrennerMichael People buy from People (not companies) they know, like and trust. Help them to know you. Be likeable. Earn trust.

@mscrimsonlips #profschat I like to see kudos to people – it helps too to get people who others follow = respect the source

@threeThou @BrennerMichael And encourage them to talk with each other.

@BrennerMichael @threeThou Oh great point! Community is the ultimate goal of content + social!

@samfiorella There’s a device-side aspect of humanizing content. Producing it for engagement on mobile devices for ex.

@sudoyle Being social makes marketing – customer service alignment an imperative. Nothing ruins a relationship like bad phone support.

@threeThou @BrennerMichael Find your brand advocates and empower them through social

@mscrimsonlips #profschat – the chats are one of the best things about Twitter – gives great input and ideas and u sometimes see gaping holes needing work

@TCoughlin A7: sounds silly, but we humanize by having invested humans involved and not automating/relying on script sheets 
 @mprofsevents A7: At the core of humanizing interaction: Listen, and then prove you are listening

@pcmguy A7 frame your content / social to a story your audience can relate to. Better late than never

@BrennerMichael A7: I think it starts with a face. @SAP is managed by a real face@SocialKev and he tries to tells stories, spark conversations

@Amoravick A7, in short read “1984” & don’t be like that. Avoid corporate speak, have a unique voice, challenge ideas – be alive in content

@thisisZainab A7: Content comes from a brand with a recognizable voice. You know the brand, personally and so consume the content.

@samfiorella A7: humanizing is a variable concept. It’s whatever resonates w/your customers. Some don’t want or need “touchy-feely”.

@csinkus A7 Define yr brand voice, but B who U R- Authentic Listen 2 Understand & define personas of ur customers, fans, followers,

@thisisZainab A7: + your advocates give your brand life!

@Amoravick A7 in more actionable terms, have people buy into the content EX visible writers w/ faces who take pride in what they create.

@pcmguy The only person that can humanize your brand is the audience, you have to give them something they can relate to

@k_lee give them what the want – where they want it

@BrennerMichael The art of asking questions is a big part of being real. Just asking creates affinity.

@samfiorella A7: Simply “Being Present” is critical to humanizing Social presence. Less about speaking, more about listening.

@k_lee Ben Franklin said it best “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.”

@BrennerMichael The greatest challenge in content + social is failure to put your audience first! Everything flows from there.

@threeThou @BrennerMichael And don’t be afraid to say sorry

@BrennerMichael What an amazing crowd. Really lovin’ this dialogue. Thanks to all of you! | Oh & there’s another tip: always say thank you!


@MProfsEvents Q8: What are the top 3 things marketers should start doing now to improve their integrated content + social strategy? 

@TCoughlin A8: commit, show up, improve.

@BrennerMichael A8; 1) audience needs 2) content 3) distribute content in right channel w/ right context to generate conversation and community

@thisisZainab A8: Listen. Simplify. Deliver

@pcmguy A8 Share content for ur audience not just ur brand, you need attention first. that’s best achieved thru promoting others

@Amoravick A8: Things marketers should’ve never stopped doing – listen to their audience, focus on giving value & keep the audience involved

@threeThou @MProfsEvents Listen. Listen. Listen

@csinkus A8 Optimize your content for a particular channel considering the UX , Listen across all channels and engage, Bring value

@CorettaJackson @MProfsEvents: A8: Be willing to revisit topics & refresh strategy

@mscrimsonlips A8 be resourceful, unique. Watch what people need, want. Find your niche. Be personable but real too

@MarComm3 Q8: Create content based on pain points for your audience. They will share if it helps them + you make social sharing easy!


@BrennerMichael Wow this hour went fast. Thanks to all of you. It has been an honor. Feel free to connect w/ me and continue to the conversation!

Michael Brenner

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