Why Consistent, Quality Content Is The Only Choice for Marketing Your Business

Do you remember the days when keyword stuffing was the way to go? People would determine a few keywords and cram it into as many places on their website as they possibly could. If you follow along with the search engine optimization (SEO) world then, of course, you know this is no longer the way to go. Rather than pleasing Google, this will actually make Google mad. However, the days of just strategically placing your keywords on your website and calling it a day are also over. Just like consumers, Google is looking for high-quality content.

Have you ever been to a website that did not adequately describe the services the business offered? Or, maybe it didn’t give a good background on who they actually were? You were likely displeased and began looking elsewhere. As consumers, we want to read content on a website that is relative to what we are looking for and also interesting. This also means we don’t want to be bombarded with a sales pitch and awkward keywords. Well, just picture Google’s crawling bots as your everyday consumer. The new algorithm now crawls your website and determines if your content is relevant, readable, and intriguing.

Scary? A little bit.

Important? Absolutely.

Why is content important?

Content is not only important, but it is the most important thing. Ultimately, your content is what will make your cash register ring. Good, relatable, and well-researched content is what sets your website and your brand apart from the masses of competitors all fighting for the spotlight in your industry. High-quality content is both what customers and search engines want to see. Every additional page of quality content is a new landing page, or avenue, for consumers to find you through.

By maintaining high-quality content on your website, you will also position yourself as an expert in the industry. The bottom line is that people trust and flock toward people and companies that they think sound reliable, trustworthy, and in the know.

Think of the last website that you visited. How long did you stay on that website? People are generally busy. They have something else to do and/or they just have a short attention span. If you don’t offer them what they are looking for and something they enjoy reading, they will likely just bounce – which hurts your bounce rate and your bottom line.

Now, think about their future choices as well. Are they going to come back to your website? Well, that mainly depends on the person and their interest in your product. But if they do, it is likely they are hoping not to see the same, boring content. This is where the importance of updating your content comes in. People always need a reason to keep coming back, so give it to them by updating your content. If every few times they visit your website it is updated, this shows them that you are actively focusing on their needs and desires. Updates are a good sign for consumers.

Why is refreshing your content important?

At this point, you are likely thinking: will anything ever be good enough? First, you had to abandon a solely keyword focus and actually develop good content that included your keywords naturally. Now, I’m telling you that you need to update that content, too? The world of SEO, marketing, and the Internet, in general, is always changing – therefore, you should be, too.

Google is regularly crawling through sites to see which ones should be boosted and which ones should be demoted.

Tips for improving your content

If you have never focused on your website content before, or maybe you know you slacked a bit – especially after reading about how important it really is, don’t fret. It is never too late to get in the game. Here are a few tips for improving your content:

Research, research, research. Writing any content should always start with research. You need to research the keywords that you will use so that you can have the foundation on which you will build your content. The only way to present keywords in your content naturally is to build your content around them. Simply trying to stuff those keywords in at the end will not work.

However, keyword research is not the only thing that falls under research. The best way to get ahead of your competitors is to first see what they are doing. If they are at the top, they must be doing something right. Research your biggest competitors and see what type of content they are using. Of course, don’t copy them exactly, but you can use this as a guide for how you will mold yours. It might also show you a few things that could be done better before you ever even make the error.

It is not about you. You have probably seen it time and time again – you visit a website and it is full of technical jargon. The way the content reads sounds as if the creator of the project wrote it himself. As the business owner, it can be hard to avoid this. However, writing for your audience is the key to quality content.

Keep the content fun, in short and easily readable sentences, relevant to your website and product, but avoid technical jargon at all costs.

Ask for help. This is the one thing that nobody ever wants to do – it makes us feel like we have to admit that we can’t do it. However, there are people who specialize in developing engaging website content. If you find yourself struggling, it might be time to contact the professionals.

And the final tip: don’t stop there. Your content is vital, let it be the center of your website and then build around it. Think of your content like that expensive little black dress you just bought for a party. Would you wear it without the perfect pair of shoes, carefully done make-up, and a few accessories? Probably not. You should be treating your website content the same way.

Add high-quality content to your website and then dress it up with design and other visuals, like video.

Michael Brenner  is a Top CMO, Content Marketing and Digital Marketing Influencer, an international keynote speaker, author of "Mean People Suck" and "The Content Formula" and he is the CEO and Founder of Marketing Insider Group, a leading Content Marketing Agency . He has worked in leadership positions in sales and marketing for global brands like SAP and Nielsen, as well as for thriving startups. Today, Michael helps build successful content marketing programs for leading brands and startups alike. Subscribe here for regular updates.

4 thoughts on “Why Consistent, Quality Content Is The Only Choice for Marketing Your Business

  1. Great post Michael! And the sad thing is that so many bloggers/entrepreneurs still overuse the key-word strategy instead of focusing on the really good content.

  2. I agree with you here Michael – asking for help is that one thing that nobody ever wants to do – but if you find yourself struggling (and I think that I can freely say that all of us do from time to time) there’s really nothing wrong in asking for professionals to help…

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