How To Write From Your Core

When you write from your core, you start to rip down the illusions of your former self so that you can prepare yourself for what’s next. Dissolving your excess may be scary and uncertain but it allows you to align with who you’re becoming – instead of staying comfortable in who you were. While you may crave certainty, it’s the struggle from the uncertainty that will give you a fresh point of view. Use the struggle to write from your core. Here’s how: 

1. Remove your labels

 “Labels are for filing, labels are for clothing, labels are not for people.” – Martina Navratilova 

It’s fun (and often necessary) to maintain a certain image. But more than anything, I just want to be real. It’s all too easy to uphold the false image of yourself these days. But the more that I detach myself from the material world, the more I strip away the excess in my life. This often means unnecessary clothes, people, thoughts and ideas are regularly let go.

It’s not easy. It’s hard to let go. Your upbringing, background and culture (and the people you surround yourself with) make you who you are today. But when you start to strip away the layers of your own bullshit that you don’t necessarily need, you stop piling on clothes that are nothing more than lies (and attempts to make you fit into certain constructs of society).

It’s easier to distract yourself with labels. Because it’s safer to point blame at another name that covers our souls when we can’t find the courage to wear ourselves.

So let’s stop trying on labels, clothes, people on just “for size.” Because our bodies are pretty fearless naked without all of the layers.

It’s hard. This naked thing. We live in a world that tells you to masquerade in a mask. We’re told to wear fancy labels to shut the silence of our screams. So we listen to louder lies and use empty distractions to escape our Truths. And if we distract ourselves enough with vodka (guilty), social media, and shopping it makes everything temporarily ok – until it’s not.

Hearts erected on “fake” start to break. And we “play it cool” by plastering our fake lives into a perfect square while not even realizing that we’re going around in circles.

We are better than this. When we stop distancing ourselves from our own humanity, we can harness our human hearts to heal with empathy and understanding.

But first we need to…

2. Minimize mental clutter

When you minimize your mental clutter, you quiet your mind so your soul can speak. This energizes your content in a meaningful way that transforms your consciousness. Writing helps you evolve your ideas – and it can often inspire new creations.

As Asa Idoni, founder of Source Vibrations, revealed in a podcast on Jessica Ann Media, stripping away your thoughts (through meditating, yoga, and nature) is a way to minimize your mental clutter. When you meditate, you can see the deeper interconnectivity between all things. This allows you to unearth unique ideas which improves your content marketing strategy. And hey, it just might elevate the whole of humanity.

A side effect of minimizing your mental clutter is the ability to understand words so they can transform through experience. For example, in one of my favorite books, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, I came across a word that I had never heard before: kitsch.

Weird word, right?

Kitsch is most content that gets shared on social media today. It’s the opposite of art. Coincidentally, kitsch is an unavoidable part of being human (kinda like wearing clothes). Its only antidote is an awareness of it. Amid the clutter of today’s digital world, it’s crucial to know about “kitsch” so that we learn how to avoid kitsch in our content. This helps us to evolve into humans who have a holistic vision of reality so that we can…

3. Humanize the lens of your story

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” Soren Kierkegaard

In a recent post about the meaning of life my friend and colleague Mark Schaefer explains that how we handle our suffering is what provides the direction and meaning of our lives.

The thing is, when we transform pain into purpose we start to see the gifts in our greatest struggles. We can shed our own layers to feel what’s underneath our own skin so that we can create content with context.

I resisted this for most of my life. As I posted on my instagram, for decades I was taught to think, think, think. I acquired information, education (helloooo Master’s degree) and material things. Then one day I woke up and realized that none of it was real – it’s all in what you feel. Feelings are strength. They are meaning. They are your Truth. Sensitivity and passion are superpowers. When you endlessly unlearn how to think to release fully into this path, magic and synchronicity happen on the regular (and maybe unicorns, if you’re lucky).

Despite how it seems on the surface, when we find beauty in the freedom of the human experience, we can more gracefully evolve into who we’re meant to become. 

So follow your heart – not people. Don’t let excess or distractions steer our lives. Let’s look into the core of ourselves to find answers. Sure, we may struggle like hell. But when we start to let things unfold from a strong core, we learn to unearth our naked Truth.