Weekend Reading: “BadMen” by Bob Hoffman

For the 151st episode of The Marketing Book Podcast, I interviewed Bob Hoffman, author of BadMen: How Advertising Went From A Minor Annoyance To A Major Menace.

BadMen is a frightening and highly entertaining look into the hidden, corrupt, and dangerous world of online advertising where billions of dollars are being stolen; personal information about us is being collected and sold 24-hours a day; and important principles of a free society are being undermined.

Anyone in the agency business who’s half awake has known for years that online display advertising is fraught with corruption and flimflam. As Forrester research recently wrote, “Display advertising never worked like we pretended. CMOs know this but nobody wants to talk about it.”

A bit more about the book…

Douglas Burdett

Douglas Burdett is the Principal of Artillery, a B2B marketing agency and is host of The Marketing Book Podcast. He is a former artillery officer, Madison Avenue ad man and stand-up comedian.