Improve Conversion Rates With Customer Journey Analysis

Customer journey analysis is set to become one of the top methods marketers use to improve conversion rates, according to the latest Conversion Rate Optimization report released from Econsultancy and RedEye.

Rise of Customer Journey Analysis

63% of the 900 surveyed digital marketers and e-commerce professionals have rated customer journey analysis as the most valuable method for improving conversion rates, up from 52% last year. 93% of respondents are either already using (46%) or planning to use (46%) customer journey analysis in the near future.

A/B testing, rated as the most valuable method last year, dropped 2% to 60% this year. 58% of respondents surveyed are already using A/B testing, while another 35% are planning to use it in the coming months.

Effectiveness reported for other methods, including copy optimization, usability testing, segmentation and website personalization, have also increased compared to last year’s numbers.

Website Personalization: A Challenge for Many

Website personalization is rated by more than one third of all respondents (36%) as the most difficult method to implement – far ahead of multivariate testing (21%) and segmentation (19%), the second and third methods rated as most challenging for implementation.

44% of surveyed respondents reported personalizing their website, with 92% seeing a major or minor boost in conversion rates since the implementation of web personalization. This year, search engine marketing continues to be the channel that has seen the most significant boost in conversion rates from web personalization.

When it comes to what companies are personalizing on their sites, the most common sections are the home page (51%), landing pages (49%), customer account area (47%), and product recommendations (47%).

This year saw a drop in web personalization based on geography and demographics. Respondents reported that products browsed on the website (55%), web pages/categories visited (51%), and transactional (46%) are the three most common data types used to personalize their website content.

No One Is Satisfied With Their Conversion Rate

Some other interesting findings from the report:

  • No respondents are extremely satisfied with their conversation rate, but 26% said they are “quite satisfied.”
  • Over 90% of surveyed respondents believe conversion rate optimization is vital (57%) or important (37%) to their overall digital marketing strategy.
  • Sales (73%) and sign-ups/registrations (70%) remain the most relevant types of conversions to company respondents, but information/brochure requests (38%) and downloads (39%) have also grown in relevance this year.
  • 77% respondents reported the company website as the most common area tested, followed by landing pages (60%), email (59%) and paid search (58%).
  • Call-to-action buttons, page layout and images are increasingly becoming popular site elements for testing by company respondents.
  • A/B testing is the top testing method for desktop websites, with usability testing for mobile websites and apps.

What do you think? Is your company already using or planning to use customer journey analysis next year? Please share your comments below.

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