How Much Does A Lead Cost? [Infographic]

cost of a leadThe folks at Madison Logic just released an infographic that breaks down the cost of a lead across various industries.

To get to us in marketing, brands will have to pay only $35. While Healthcare leads cost almost twice that at $65.  Here in the technology industry were closer to the middle at $43 per lead just below HR leads of $45.

Madison Logic used their own database to compile the average cost per lead across several verticals, and the impact that lead filters can have on price. Not surprising to learn that the more questions we ask, the higher the cost of the lead. But those additional filters may not necessarily bring in better quality leads.

How Much Does A Lead Cost? Main Highlights:

  • CPL (cost per lead) can vary significantly across industries
  • Lead filters do have an expected increase on lead cost (from 20-45% increase in CPL)
  • Custom questions like BANT (see below) have the greatest impact on cost (45% increase in CPL)
  • According to a test, strict filters can prevent reach, increase cost and lower lead quality

What is BANT?

It’s been a while since I’ve written about Demand Generation techniques, so here’s a definition for those of you new to my blog, new to marketing or new to demand generation.

BANT is a common lead scoring technique of seeking to determine if a prospect has the Budget, Authority, Need and a define Timeframe for making a decision to buy a solution. Some add an ‘S’ for whether there is a real project with a defined next Step. Lead scores will then be calculated based on a weighting for each of these factors.

So a really “hot lead” would be one where there is a budget to solve a defned need in a relatively short period of time and where the prospect has some authority in the decision process.

Check out the full infographic below and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “How Much Does A Lead Cost? [Infographic]

  1. Michael,

    this skims the surface at best. The infographic points out Initial CPL but show nothing of the additional qualification costs that go into it.

    I did my own study of software companies and on average for every 1,000 leads ( read whitepaper downloads etc, where buyers are forced to register) a software companies spends an additional $50K – $75K on qualification.

  2. I assume Madison Logic is basing cost per lead calculations on the cost of content syndication since this is primarily what they do and are able to track. Wouldn’t CPL vary not only by industry but also by tactic (PPC vs. webinar vs. retargeting, vs. outbound email, etc.)?

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