Employee Advocacy for Marketing: The Data Your Company Needs to Know [Infographic]

With any strategy or new technology your company is introduced to, there may always be some underlying skepticism. This holds true because of the rapid growth of marketing over the years, the trends, and the plethora of technologies at your disposal.

Yet, many times a few of these platforms and strategies become extremely worth investing time, money, and resources for the greater good of the company. This is exactly what is happening the concept of employee advocacy in the last few years.

The rise of social media continues and social networks are no longer a “nice to have” for brands or employees. Currently, the concept of employee advocacy has come up a lot more in marketing publications, marketing leaders are talking about it, and many companies are adopting it.

What is employee advocacy? Employee advocacy centers on employees sharing about their company, their jobs, and professional interests on social media. Said differently, it is about companies equipping and leveraging their employees as digital influencers for the brand.

Employee Advocacy for Marketing

While employee advocacy programs and strategies can greatly impact all areas of an organization, some of the immediate effects are on marketing results.

It just makes sense: marketing is tasked with producing and promoting content to the widest possible audience.

Leveraging your organizations employees to help spread that message across their own social networks is a no-brainer and is an opportunity that applies to any company with more than a few hundred employees.

  • Improves brand reach organically
  • Drives more web traffic
  • Boosts leads and quality of leads
  • Saves money on rising costs of paid social

This, of course, does not mean unleashing a spam-army of employees who are not adding their own thoughts or personal opinions.

To paint a picture of how employee advocacy is valuable to marketing and social teams, our creative team at EveryoneSocial put together an infographic and video of some interesting — and maybe even surprising — data. Jump below to watch the video or checkout our infographic.


Employee Advocacy for Marketing Infographic

  • Brand messages reached 561% further when shared by employees vs the same messages shared via official brand social channels (MSLGroup)
  • 79% of firms surveyed reported more online visibility after the implementation of a formal employee advocacy program. 65% reported increased brand recognition. (Hinge Marketing)
  • Content shared by employees receives 8x more engagement than content shared by brand channels. (Social Media Today)
  • Leads developed through employee social marketing convert 7x more frequently than other leads. (Marketing Advisory Network)
  • Earned media (press, word-of-mouth, peer-to-peer referrals) drives 4x the brand lift as paid media. (Bazaar Voice)
  • Peer-to-peer marketing is the leading driver behind 20-50% of all purchasing decisions. (McKinsey)
  • An employee advocacy program costs 1/10 of paid advertising. (EveryoneSocial)
  • An employee advocacy program involving 1,000 active participants can generate $1,900,000 in advertising value. (Kredible)


Cameron Brain is the CEO and Co-Founder of EveryoneSocial, an employee advocacy & social selling platform used by leading sales and marketing professionals. Previously, Cameron held roles as Head of Commerce & Business Development for Reddit, EVP for Mission Motorcycles, and Founder & CEO of Open Box Technologies.

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