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7 Digital Marketing Examples To Inspire Your Campaigns

7 Digital Marketing Examples To Inspire Your Campaigns

May 17, 2023
4 min read

Marketing used to be easy. You could throw a sign up in the yard, call up the newspaper for an ad, and print up some flyers to pretty much knock out a complete strategy.

The remarkable convenience of digital communication means that you have to worry about evolving methods of self-promotion more than ever. If you want to know what works best, you should look to successful digital marketing examples.

Don’t worry about scouring the web to find what works. Our crack team has studied and worked with all sorts of digital marketing, and we’ve compiled seven prime examples.

Take a look and discover a winning strategy for your next digital marketing campaign.

Key Takeaways:

  • Imitating proven winners is a faster way to succeed at marketing than trying to reinvent the wheel.
  • The top digital marketing examples with a high return on investment include content marketing, SEO, email marketing, and organic social media activity.
  • Paid ads, affiliate, and influencer marketing can work well if you do them correctly.
  • Other unique digital marketing techniques can be successful, depending on your industry and business.

Make life easy for yourself by following models of what works. As a famed Harvard economist once stated, we “often mistake innovation for what is really imitation.”

You can find hundreds of good digital marketing examples, but here are our top seven.

1. Content Marketing: Oberer Homes

Content marketing still draws traffic in droves. Regularly written blog posts with the right topics and keywords get you toward the top of search results and help your target audience find you.

We’re masters of content marketing at MIG and have helped numerous brands of various sizes boost their traffic (including ours).

Consider what we did for Oberer Homes. By using a consistent strategy that addressed topics that prospective homebuyers were searching for, the company dramatically boosted organic search and web visitors.

As Oberer’s marketing director, Traci Bohn, relates, “It’s a good way to let everyone know we’re an expert in the industry and in our area.”

Oberer Homes quadrupled its search rankings by following MIG’s digital marketing examples 

Image Source: How Oberer Homes Earned More Traffic, Rankings, and Leads with Our Content Marketing Service 

2. Search Engine Optimization: Marketing Insider Group

SEO complements content marketing, and countless digital marketing examples show its effectiveness.

In addition to creating great content regularly, that information needs formatting for readability and optimization for search intent with proper keyword placement. Technical issues like page speed, page experience, and off-page SEO are also critical.

Attention to SEO should be part of your marketing strategy when it comes to the quality of your content delivery method. It’s essentially deciding whether to serve your delicious content on fine china or paper plates.

Again, we can speak from personal experience on this one. We deliver millions of site visitors for ourselves and our clients by monitoring and adapting SEO.

Another of our successful SEO digital marketing examples led to 615% growth in search traffic for a client

Image Source: How We Rank #1 Get a Million Visitors (And Win All Our New Customers) – Marketing Insider Group 

3. Organic Social Media: HubSpot

Social media activity can be notoriously difficult to convert into sales. Too many examples exist of influencers with thousands of followers and failed product launches.

As with content and SEO, the key is to get audience engagement with organic social marketing and genuine interaction. Around here, we’re fans of a lot of what HubSpot does, and their social media digital marketing examples fall right in line with their well-run content marketing.

The company doesn’t simply push products. Instead, it asks sincere and thought-provoking questions that focus on the human element in its HubSpotLife Twitter posts.

The company will congratulate people on promotions and career advancement and offer posts on work-life balance. Actionable content that shows you care about your audience gets the right kind of attention.

4. Email Marketing: Kate Spade

Email marketing is still one of the top digital marketing examples with an excellent ROI. Like content marketing, it’s low-cost and can get directly to your target audience with proper segmentation and messaging.

Kate Spade showed how to do it right by collecting valuable data and offering a discount in return. Like other marketing efforts, you need to offer something to get something.

Email is still one of the top three digital marketing examples when it comes to ROI

Image Source:

5. Paid Ads: Zappos

We’ll shoot you straight: We’re not the biggest fans of paid ads around here because content marketing and other organic messaging substantially outperform this method.

Still, that’s not to say paid ads can’t ever work. We believe you should use them to play the long game alongside quality content.

Paid ads can work well in B2C by targeting customers seasonally. To study a successful case, consider the digital marketing examples from Zappos, which gets a substantial portion of its business from paid ads.

6. Affiliate/Referral Marketing: Unbounce

Affiliate marketing can be a very effective way to create organic traffic — if you do it right. Simply put, you pay a commission or kickback to brands that subtly promote your brand on their sites, social media, and other forums.

Basically, affiliate marketing allows you to pay for an endorsement. If you work with the right partners and influencers, it can be one of the top digital marketing examples.

Unbounce did it correctly and came out of nowhere to be a top site for creating landing pages by offering a healthy 20% lifetime commission. High commissions work well for companies like this with low overhead.

7. Influencer Marketing: Sun Peaks Resort

As with paid ads, here’s another area to proceed with caution. You could get in bed with the wrong influencer whose questionable persona casts aspersions on your brand and create endless headaches.

We recommend seeking out influencers who hit the niche market you’re targeting rather than trying to go as big as you can. Highlight how special you are by being unique and exclusive.

Sun Peaks Resort in British Columbia did this by working with a top adventure photographer and Instagram influencer. The campaign positioned the location as a hidden destination and insider secret that attracted new visitors.

More Digital Marketing Examples To Take With You

There are a number of other digital marketing examples you can check out to see if they fit your brand:

  • Virtual reality marketing: Imitate Nike’s Nikeland virtual gaming arena for playing and purchasing products.
  • Video marketing: Take inspiration from Blendtec’s “Will It Blend?” campaign that got people interested in blenders (of all things!)
  • Audio marketing: Create a podcast or run ads on relevant podcasts, like Audible, which knew that people who listened to podcasts would be perfect for its audiobooks..
  • Mobile marketing: Send push notifications based on user behavior with your company’s mobile app, the way Netflix does.
  • Automation marketing: Program a classic anniversary or birthday email like Monica Vinader Jewelers uses to show appreciation for customers.

As the digital sphere expands, you can be sure other digital marketing examples will arise. Stay alert to new methods that you can capitalize on.

Help From MIG To Implement the Best Digital Marketing Examples

With countless digital marketing examples to follow, start gradually and use the ones that fit your business best. When your time is short and you need quick ROI, reach out to our team at Marketing Insider Group for help creating proven campaigns with specific time-bound results.

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