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How to Streamline Your Video Marketing Creation Process

How to Streamline Your Video Marketing Creation Process

October 10, 2022
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Video marketing remains one of the most successful forms of getting attention online. More than eight out of 10 marketers say that video plays a vital part in their strategies. Seventy-eight percent report that video helps boost sales figures. Yet not everyone understands how to optimize their video creation process for the highest possible ROI.

The reason is simple: Most marketers aren’t professional videographers. They know the marketing wheelhouse well. However, most don’t have a deep background in writing, producing, editing, and publishing videos. Often, their experience is limited to making videos on their phones or devices and uploading them to social media. This is a good start but can lead to inefficiencies.

To help you streamline your video creation process without sacrificing creativity or quality, adopt a few proven workflows. They’ll help you take the common headaches out of video marketing and make it a more rewarding engagement tool.

Video marketing planning: Squeeze more juice from your videos

Before jumping into any video marketing campaign, have a plan in mind. Ideally, you want your video to go the extra mile. Make every video work harder. That way, you can ensure that your video content keeps driving more success.

For instance, don’t just think of each video as a “one and done” marketing element. Brainstorm ways to maximize the video content. For example, you might want to lift audio-only sections from your video. The audio snippets can be used on their own or in tandem with other content. Or, they could help whet target audiences’ appetite to watch your video.

Another way to get more out of your word-heavy video content is to use AI-fueled transcription software. Once you have your transcript, you can use it in numerous ways. You might pull ideas, tips, headlines, or callouts from the transcript. Alternatively, it could be a way to get some SEO pull. This can be done by adding the video transcript to a webpage.

Remember that you can trim videos to publish on different forums, like social media sites. Your sales team might even want to include parts of your video content into their sales presentations. Video blurbs can enhance your landing pages and make them more powerful lead-gen producers.

Above all else, take time to squeeze all the juices you can out of every video.

Video production: Aim for affordable quality

Many marketing articles on video will tell you to just point, shoot, and publish video content. While this type of video marketing can be useful, it shouldn’t make up the bulk of your video content creation. Spur of the moment video can be relevant but you want your video collection to include higher-quality pieces, too.

High-quality video doesn’t have to be expensive, though. With the right video content software and equipment, your video can look and sound professional. Investing a few hundred dollars in headphones, cameras, microphones, and lights can make a huge difference. The same is true of finding a provider to help you capture the crispest audio.

Having squeaky-clean audio and video content makes a world of difference. Take SquadCast, a Saas platform that focuses on remote recording and capturing high-quality audio and video without downloading any software. The platform eliminates audio drift and records directly through local devices, giving you studio quality files that are automatically backed up in the cloud.

Bottom line? The better video quality you start with, the more options you have on the table for leveraging your content to the fullest.

Video marketing credibility: Treat video as an essential part of your marketing plan

Video marketing agency Umault notes that the lifespan of a video can be remarkably long. Videos that were uploaded years ago can regain new viewership numbers. Keep this in mind as you incorporate video into your marketing plan. Video shouldn’t be “nice to have” or an afterthought.

The best way to give video credibility is to ensure you have a budget for producing your videos. Treat each video as a priority piece of marketing collateral. Assign ownership of each aspect of video making from storyboarding and storytelling to editing and uploading. If your video marketing isn’t on your broader marketing schedule, make sure to list it there. Otherwise, you’ll be tempted to see video as a “when we get around to it” strategy.

If you’re just starting to legitimize video content in your marketing, start small. Map out a timeline to produce a few short-form and long-form videos. Assign each one a specific theme and give yourself enough time to crank out each one. As an added buffer zone, resist publishing any videos until you have about three or four “in the tank.” This allows you to enjoy a bit of a runway and head start on your video marketing rhythm.

Video Marketing ROI: Keep track of video metrics

It’s safe to assume that you’re already tracking metrics for other types of marketing assets like gated content, prospect emails, and social media posts. Do likewise with your video marketing. Some of the statistics that you’ll want to know include view count, watch time, shares, and landing page click-throughs.

Keeping a close eye on your video marketing KPIs will serve several benefits. First, you’ll see which videos perform well. When you have a successful video, deconstruct it to find out why. Then, use what you learn to test and iterate similar types of video creation for later deployment.

A second benefit to having metrics is that you’ll be able to show exactly how video marketing is helping you reach your goals. That’s critical, particularly when you’re negotiating for your upcoming marketing budget.

Lastly, your metrics will give you insight into your customer base. What videos are they watching from beginning to end? Which ones are they commenting on? What videos are they sharing with their friends? The answers will get you closer to understanding how to better serve your target populations.

Video marketing is here to stay. With a few tweaks, you can move beyond dabbling in video to embracing it fully in efficient, constructive ways.

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