Can the Versatility of Mobile Marketing Stretch to B2B?

It’s clear that mobile marketing is an increasingly powerful channel for reaching today’s modern consumers, but it doesn’t stop there. Mobile marketing stretches just as powerfully to a B2B audience. Below, we’ll discuss five important reasons that mobile marketing is a must-have for B2B businesses as well:

1. Mobile Popularity is Growing Among Workers, Too

We know that smartphone and tablet usage has exploded among the average consumer, but it’s growing rapidly for business users, too. A recent survey of B2B technology purchasing decision makers found that 75% of them owned two or more mobile devices – at least one specifically for work.

While these users were specific to the technology industry, it’s a strong indication of how other industries will begin to make decisions in the future. Developing a strategy to reach them now will put you well ahead of the curve.

2. Decision Makers Are Using Mobile to Make Decisions

Recently, Google partnered with a research firm in order to discern the habits and trends for key business decision makers. Together, they polled over 3,000 decision makers and discovered the following:

  • 42% of B2B decision makers used a mobile device at some point of their purchasing process.
  • 49% of B2B decision makers used mobile devices to do research while they were physically in the office.
  • The amount of mobile search traffic regarding B2B research has tripled.

This is important because it proves that only are mobile B2B users growing, they’re using their devices to make critical purchasing decisions.

3. Mobile Marketing Affects Your Other Campaigns

Mobile is so integrated into today’s world that it has a profound impact on all aspects of your marketing. If your website isn’t optimized for a mobile audience, for example, performance will suffer a great deal:

  • Average search ranking falls 27 places on Google’s listings.
  • The number of bounced users increases by 37%.
  • The number of overall sessions decreases by 33%.

Each lost user and lowered search rank is an additional chance for your competition to steal customers away from you. If they’re going the extra mile and actively pursuing your mobile audience, your sales funnel could dry up quickly.

4. Mobile Messaging Trumps Emails

One of the biggest struggles in B2B marketing is finding a way to actually reach your audience. They’re incredibly busy and usually inundated with offers from plenty of other vendors. Getting your message in front of them is of tantamount importance.

That’s why mobile text messaging is so effective. It is superior to traditional emails in a wide variety of ways. First, the open rate for text messages is an incredible 99%, versus around 28 – 33% for emails. Second, you need to send many emails in order to see an increase in performance, while text messaging is optimal with only 4 to 6 messages a month. This results in bigger bang for less effort. Finally, the click-through rate is much higher on text messages (36%) than emails (6-7%).

If you want to reach your audience, text messaging is the way to do it.

5. Mobile Marketing Builds Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is important for all businesses, but it’s even more important when you’re in a B2B industry. Each customer is worth a great deal and spends their time fielding offers from many different vendors. Keeping them loyal is an everyday struggle.

Luckily, mobile marketing is one of the best ways to keep your customers loyal. You can stay in touch easily, offer handy mobile applications, and collect surveys that ensure you’re giving them the level of service they’ve come to expect.

Have you successfully used mobile marketing for your own B2B campaign? Let us know how in the comments below!

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  1. Definitely YES. Mobile has been making the impact on everything. That is the reason why everyone says if you’re not on mobile, you’re not doing your business. What matters is how well you can target them with interesting content.

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