How Mobile Apps Have Changed the Face of Digital Marketing

We all know that digital marketing is constantly changing due to technological advancements. But, mobile apps are a game changing factor that has completely changed its face.

Since the evolution of smartphones, mobile apps have influenced the lives of numerous people like you and me. Mobile apps have made lives easier, whether it is sending emails, making online purchases, searching for information, connecting with clients, and so on.

Unknowingly, smartphones and mobile apps have influenced our behaviors. Well, I know the human intention; it isn’t easy, neither for you nor for me, to believe and accept the fact that mobile has changed our behaviors up to a great extent.

Every day when you wake up in the morning, before you leave your bed you check at least 2-3 apps. May be, you are bit different from others but, this has become a story of everyone, even me also.

According to a survey by FierceDeveloper, more than 50 percent of the time users spend on mobile apps.

Companies Will Emphasize On Mobile Apps

We all know that a famous life-style company Myntra has completely shut its desktop and mobile site and turned an app-only eCommerce. The reason is quite simple to understand, Myntra found that 85 percent of online users prefer native mobile apps.

Just like Myntra, various companies have now realized the power of mobile apps and planning to go mobile for their businesses.

Mobile Sites Will Take Users to Its Native App

On your smartphone, if you search for a product that is available on its native app then clicking on that link will automatically open the app (if installed on your mobile) or provide a link to download it from App Store or Play Store in the SERP.

Today, there are over 1.5 million apps live on App Store & Play Store and it has become an uphill task to choose the relevant one that deliver great user experience.

Deep Linking to Internal Pages

With the introduction of iOS 9, deep linking and search are going to change everything as it allow the content inside apps to get indexed. For instance, if user want to find information about ‘Moto X,’ and an app installed on his/her device contains that information then it will appear in the search results and user can click that result to see the information. In case, if any of the installed apps don’t contain the information related to search query then iOS will search other apps from apps store and then show results from inside those apps.

To rank well in SERPs and to attain high rankings, companies started to link pages to mobile apps. For instance, if someone search for a keyword and the result in SERPs is already exist in its native app then it will automatically open that app and take user to the exact location he/she was looking for.

Presently, 40 percent of the searches performed on smartphones return app indexed results and take user to the page in that native app. Deep linking has become one of the crucial ranking factors.

Collaborative Promotion

Since last more than one year, I have observed that, one app promote another app. Whenever, I download an app, it shows a list of apps, usually with messages to try.

I found such list in Go SMS Pro, Lenevo’s ShareIt, TrueCaller, CloneIt, and several other mobile applications.  Among several applications, I found Go SMS Pro, very interesting. It is a SMS sending mobile app that offers a variety of attractive themes for customization. You can download those themes either by paying a small amount or by downloading apps and open it once to activate that theme.

Extensive Use of Mobile-Based Social Media

In year 2016, social media is going to be a center of attraction for app promotions. While spending hours daily, you might have noticed ads for mobile applications and guess what? Most of the users like to follow that link to see what that app is all about.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others will be favorite destination for app promotion.

App Promotion through Video Will Take Charge

Marketers try different ways to attract customers towards their apps and business. One such way that will rule in 2016 is video marketing. Gaming app is the best example to notice as most of the top gaming apps shows promotions videos of other apps to encourage users to download and try.

Recently, I watched a promotion video of Couchgram app on Facebook. They published a video that compel me to visit play store to at least know what this app is all about. Well, the app provides some advanced call security features.

Wrapping Up

I have tried to highlight some key points that stand for the fact that mobile apps have changed the face of Digital Marketing. If you are a marketer, then I hope these points will prove beneficial for you. Suggestions are most welcome; don’t forget to leave your valuable feedback below.

About The Author: Abhyudaya Tripathi is a digital marketing expert with over 8 years of precious experience and presently he is an Associate Director at ResultFirst Organization. He is extremely passionate about making information seekers and quest lovers aware about digital marketing. 
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