Mobile Marketing: Do Marketers And Kids Want The Same Thing For Christmas?

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Source: Business Insider

I’m a sucker for a great Mary Meeker presentation.

Recently, Mary updated her famous slide deck on Internet trends and the state of Digital Media with some new information.

After some of the standard content on the rapid rise of mobile internet access, she included a slide covering a Nielsen study on what American kids want for Christmas.

No surprise, but the Apple iPad tops the list as the biggest item on American kid’s wish list. And the rest of the Apple products fall closely behind the iPad.

With the increased use of tablets and mobile phones by both kids and business people, I think the iPad and other tablets probably top the list for marketers too.

We need to understand Mobile Marketing: how to deliver valuable content and amazing visual experiences beyond the desktop. We need to deliver “responsive” websites, visual content, apps and even games for a mobile-first generation of consumers and buyers.

Here is a quick recap of Mary’s presentation as well as a snapshot of some of her key slides…(You can see all 88 slides here.)

Apple’s 3-hit Wonder

As the title of the chart above suggests,the  iPod changed the music industry.  iPhones ramped even faster and the iPad has the fastest product adoption in history.

The iPad has been adopted 3 times faster than the iPhone. And with the release of the iPad mini, it shows no sign of stopping any time soon.

Scores of other manufacturers  have released their own tablets, most notably the Samsung Galaxy, the Kindle, the Nook and the Microsoft Surface.

But none of them have come close to the success of the Apple iPad.

Mobile Marketing: Everyone wants a tablet

Source: Business Insider

Kids (and Marketers) Christmas Wish List

Topping the list, nearly 5 in 10 American kids (48%) reported that they want an iPad n a recent Nielsen study.

More than 3 in 10 also want an iPod touch, an iPhone and an iPad mini. Only the Nintendo Wii U joins Apple in the top 5.

31% of kids have a computer on their list and 29% are looking for a “tablet other than an iPad.”

Source: Business Insider

Source: Business Insider

The Increasingly Mobile Web

Mobile access to the internet has doubled in the last 18 months and tripled in the last 2 years to 13%. So 1 in every 7 visitors to the average website is coming from a mobile device.

This is putting increasing pressure on digital marketers and corporate web teams to re-design their websites for the mobile experience. “Adaptive” and “Responsive” designs are quickly making separate “m.” sites and mobile site re-directs appear cumbersome.

This is also having an impact on mobile marketing and content marketing strategy as mobile users are looking for more visual content delivered in consumable chunks.

Source: Business Insider

Mobile Commerce

The recent “Black Friday” event in the United States saw almost a quarter (24%) of all sales come from mobile or tablet devices.

That is up 4 times from 6% just 2 years ago.

And Apple appears to have a strong stake in the mobile e-commerce space as the iPhone and iPad contributed 4 times more mobile commerce than Android or other devices.

Source: Business Insider

Source: Business Insider

Mobile Ad Spending

This is one of my favorite slides because it shows the huge disparity between the time consumers spend in various channels relative to the amount of money advertisers spend on those same channels.

Despite the coverage of the huge declines in print advertising, that channel appears to have more bleeding to look forward. In 2011, 25% of all advertising dollars are spent in print despite the fact that this channel represent only 7% of consumer time spent. That is nearly a 4 X disparity.

TV advertising and time spent have reached relative parity and the previous gap in online spend relative to time spent has narrowed significantly in the past 2 years.

But there is a still a massive disparity in the time spent on mobile devices and the percentage of ad dollars flowing there. Many marketers and media folks debate whether the mobile platform can deliver an effective ad unit. Screen size and mobile-friendly designs typically eliminate the right column where banners typically appear and banners take up valuable screen space.

Mary still believes there is huge (Billions of dollars) potential in the mobile advertising market.

I believe this represents an opportunity for content marketing advertisers like Outbrain and Taboola who offer up contextually-relevant recommended articles at the bottom of mobile content.

What Do You Want For Christmas?

Is it the same as what your kids want? Maybe it should be. Oh and if anyone is shopping for me, I’ve got the iPad mini and the Kinect for Xbox 360 on my list!

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  • Alex Dumpfree

    Interesting post, thanks. It’s a fact, internet mobile is eating a larger part of the pie now. Let’s get ready and plan big for it. Still, Apple is the king.

  • Anne-Marie

    Great article but your images are frustratingly small! I read your article on my mobile while in a restaurant! this morning and thought it was worth the effort to go back to it after 6 hours when I could read it on my laptop, thinking that they would be big enough to make out the details. They were not. Really disappointed.