7 Keys to Successful Email Marketing

By Angela Hausman on July 16, 2018

Successful email marketing is a critical, and often overlooked, element of digital marketing. According to an article on Inc: But after a couple decades of Nigerian prince schemes, Spanish lotto scams, and mountains of unsolicited spam (which is never a good marketing tactic), how do people feel about email now? Is it still a worthwhile

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4 Tips For Successful Demand Generation

By Rob Krekstein on August 21, 2012

I have been writing about Demand Generaton and Demand Management since I started blogging a few years ago. Successful and effective marketing creates value for the business. And so, occasionally, my colleague Rob Krekstein, who is a Senior Director of Global Inside Sales here at SAP, provides his amazing perspective on how to create successful demand

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5 Sales Closing Techniques

By Michael Brenner on October 7, 2010

With all of the discussion here on content marketing, I thought it made sense to bring in a sales perspective and guidance to the site. The following excerpt is important to sales and comes from my former colleague, Rob Krekstein.  I have been a student of selling and sales management for more than twenty years, and I

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