15 Must-Read Tweets from Top SaaS Marketing Influencers

Your Twitter timeline is flooded.

If you’re like me, you probably follow several different people. Everyone serves a purpose. So, you’re consuming a little news, some sports, and lots of influencers in your industry.

And despite your efforts to read every tweet, you simply can’t.

But don’t worry. I’ve curated the best tweets from the top SaaS marketing influencers.

Check out (and follow) these movers and shakers.

1. Morgan Brown – COO of Inman News

2. Nichole Elizabeth Demere – SaaS Consultant & Customer Success Evangelist

3. Everette Taylor – Founder & CEO of MilliSense


4. Lincoln Murphy – Founder of Sixteen Ventures

5. Sujan Patel – Co-Founder of ContentMarketer.io


6. Mary Green – Content at Sticker Mule

7. Trevor Hatfield – Founder & CEO of Inturact

8. Dave Rigotti – Head of Marketing at Bizible

9. Leeyen Rogers – VP of Marketing at JotForm

10. Sarah E. Brown – Growth Marketing at ServiceRocket

11. William Harris – Growth Marketer and Founder of Elumynt

12. Ronell Smith – Moz Associate & Content Strategist

13. Kevin Ho – Inbound Marketer at Wishpond

14. Talia Wolf – Founder of Conversioner

15. Kelly Kuhn-Wallace – Growth Marketing & Strategy Consultant

Stay Up-To-Date

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Shayla Price is a marketer who positions products for growth. Whether it’s content, email, or good ol’ public relations, she strives to delight customers and increase company revenue. Shayla loves training teams to become critical thinkers. She also champions access to remote work opportunities. Tweet her @ShaylaPrice

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  1. Hey Shayla you are correct. Now a days social media is growing very fast day by day and new social network comes so competition is also very much.

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