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4 Killer Facebook Hacks You Should Be Using

4 Killer Facebook Hacks You Should Be Using

August 2, 2016
3 min read

If you’re like most people, you probably use Facebook at least a little more than you should. And it’s embarrassingly true that many people spend a lot of idle time at work and at home cruising Facebook… often to the tune of hours a day. And those hours add up! We’ve found some amazing hacks for Facebook which can improve your general browsing experience, and accomplish everything from recovering deleted posts to easily posting gifs.

Whether you’re using these tricks to improve your Facebook marketing for your business or blog, or just using them to pare down your Facebook time and be more efficient, they should help make you the life of the (social media) party!

Quickly Post Snapshots of Conversations

There are plenty of times where we all just want to quickly snag an image of a great (or terrible) conversation to show to friends or post on our blogs! But getting snapshots and then blurring out or removing names can take some time; sometimes more time than we want to devote to the task. I recommend Status Snapper, an easy to use chrome plugin. It allows you to swiftly take a snapshot of a Facebook conversation, and then automatically blurs out the names and identifying information. Pretty handy, right? It saves the image into a new tab, where it can be easily downloaded.

Growing Your Friends or Audience

Did you know that a very easy way to get your personal or brand profile in front of more Facebook users is to tag specific people? Using the framework ‘@name’, you can call out specific people and ensure your comment shows up on their timeline. This way, more people will see your name and comment… and be more likely to reach out and friend you! Of course, it’s important to remember to keep all callouts topical and tasteful. And the more engaging you make your comment, the more likely you might attract the interest of someone else! You can easily utilize a Facebook analytics tool like Sysomos to keep track of how many more people your profile is being exposed to.

Posting Gifs on Facebook

Most Gifs on Facebook are reduced to a single frozen frame until someone clicks! It’s not like Plurk or Google+, where you can easily post gifs and expect them to operate without interaction. But you can use the tool GIPHY to create gifs which prompt for clicks and are much more engaging for visitors! Giphy even lets you upload your own images or video to create, crop, and label any gif you like. So, next time you need a gif meme, you know where to go!

Great Facebook Shortcut Codes

Just how holding the control button and clicking ‘P’ can cause a page to print without needing to click through dialogues, Facebook has its own shortcut codes! We’ve gathered some great examples of the most useful Facebook shortcut codes.

  • Alt+M – Opens up a new chat window!
  • Alt + 1 – Returns you to your Facebook home page and news feed!
  • Alt + 2 – Returns you to your own individual profile!
  • Alt + 4 – Returns you to your inbox, where you can see any new messages.
  • Alt + 5 – See notifications, such as mentions and activity on groups or pages.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of great tools, tips, and tricks which can make Facebook easier to use for personal or professional use. But when we say ‘hacks’, we don’t mean any activity which could compromise someone else, or violate Facebook’s terms of service. Whether you’re a social media marketing pro wanting to unlock more Facebook skills or just want to learn some great tips for Facebook, always keep it white-hat and above board!

One thought on “4 Killer Facebook Hacks You Should Be Using

  1. Colm

    Love them shortcuts – never knew about them! Also I’m going to try that extension, thanks!

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