4 Trends which Will Change Social Media Marketing on Twitter in 2017

What should marketers and business owners do to stay ahead of their competitors? I guess anything to keep their customer loyal and satisfied. I guess it is what drives changes, innovations, and new features that emerge on Twitter and other social media platforms. I’ve gathered 4 new Twitter trends that will change social media marketing strategies in 2017. These are the insights based on Twitter announcements and some statistical data.

  1. Native Ads Supremacy

Native advertising that includes banners, sponsorship, video ads and rich media will continue to be a trend in 2017 because it’s simply profitable. It is estimated by BI Intelligence stats that from 2016 to 2021 the revenue from native display advertising will only grow and hit $36.3 billion mark just in 6-year period. The chart below also shows the difference in suggested earnings from native ads ($20.9 billion) and non-native ads ($13.4 billion). The gap is huge and impressive but it’s the future of advertising and such pioneers as Twitter that launched a feature of Promoted Tweets 6 years ago continue to improve various features in native advertising. One of which is a new function for mobile app campaigns. It is available for all advertisers on the Twitter Audience Platform.


Native ads become more flexible because they use the existing features and assets of the ongoing campaigns. This way they match the original layout of the chosen app. Publishers can save time and adjust each ad to a particular app. Besides, according to Twitter it will allow to connect with 800 million audiences.

Although the native ad isn’t a new trend, in 2017 it will become the main ad format. It will provide an in-app experience and may increase your CTR to 220% according to MoPub statistics.

  1. Periscope Live streaming on Twitter

No way you haven’t heard about Twitter’s $100 million purchase of a Periscope tool in 2015. Its efficiency and growing popularity will only make the trend more powerful in 2017. Another explanation is those new Periscope features announced by Twitter in one of its blog posts. It allows producers to use their professional software and cameras for live streaming. However, a tool will keep the same simplicity and immediacy for all smartphone users. According to Periscope partners, Lois Vitton, Walt Disney Studios, and many others, the produced live content helped them boost engagement and enlarge their target audience. The tool allows anyone to join the live stream, become a part of the audience, and discuss hot issues 24 hours long.

Here’s one more proof in favor of this trend’s growing popularity in 2017. In the chart below you can see Periscope’s achievements in previous years provided us by DMR statistics. So, yes it’s definitely a good reason to include this tool in your marketing strategy.

Source: https://expandedramblings.com/index.php/periscope-statistics/

Periscope has already shown its broadcasting might in a September debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The collaboration with Bloomberg TV was a good move for Twitter since it demonstrated the openness of Periscope to all people in comparison to Facebook’s live stream which limited access allowed to view the event for the group of friends or a family. Of course, in comparison to YouTube’s viewing figures – 88 million views from one debate, it is still hard for Periscope to compete with such an experienced broadcaster. Yet Producer has amazing perspectives with Twitter’s popularity and growing dominance in the native display.

  1. More new functions to prevent a user from leaving the app

This trend has become so popular that social media networks implement in-app features to keep up with it. Remember the first time you saw Facebook buy buttons and felt relief from not being redirected to the other site. Of course, it takes only a couple of seconds but for many users, redirection is another distracting move which also refocuses their attention.

In-app experience will take the lead in 2017 on Twitter too. Following the announcement category on the official Twitter’s blog I discovered many new in-app features that product managers rush to introduce and engage their users and advertisers. Here are two such features worth to mention as a part of the ongoing trend:

  • The native search for GIFs which has recently got auto-looping playback. This feature eliminates extra steps a person had to make to download a GIF first and then attach it to the post. Besides, it’s even easier to choose an image with the popular categories available after you click the GIF button. You can preview any GIF and add it to your post with one click. Though this feature seems less important than Periscope tool, but according to Twitter statistics, users shared 100 million GIFs in 2015. It means that GIF feature is an essential part of delivering the campaign’s message and content. Thus, it’s an essential part of 2017 social media marketing strategy.


  • Listening to music in your timeline became possible due to the partnership between Twitter and Deezer, a music streaming service. It’s another step to retain a user in one social media network. This feature is available for both iOS and Android mobile platforms and requires a single tap on the Twitter Audio Card to listen your favorite song. You can also share or comment the latest songs in the same card. Plus you can access your Deezer playlists of favorites not even leaving Twitter.


  1. Increasing customers engagement through Instant Unlock Card

It is another 2017 trend that will attract hundreds of advertisers who want to boost engagement rates and have their message spread among other users. This function works through the format of conversational ads. It covers the useful and interesting pieces of information, such as a 100-year old recipe for roasting coffee, a movie trailer or other exclusive content. To get access to such engaging data a user should click on CTA buttons or custom hashtags tweeting the advertiser’s message to other followers.

Source: https://blog.twitter.com/en-gb/2016/drive-brand-conversation-with-the-new-instant-unlock-card

Instant Unlock Card also includes measuring tools to bring advertisers metrics on engagement. This feature promises to become even more popular in 2017, especially after it’s been adopted by iconic brands such as Coca-Cola, Marvel, and AMC.


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  1. AI (artificial intelligence), IOT(Internet of Things), Analytics & Cloud based crms are going to dominate global marketing industry in 2017. Some organisations like IBM are already initiated massive research through their dream project like watson analytics & artificial intelligence..

  2. Thanks for these tips.

    Twitter needs to find a good way to promote video contents. Lots of people like to watch short videos on social media. Some noble examples would be Buzzfeed’s Tasty and Nifty on Facebook.
    While Vine will be gone in 2017, how is Twitter going to do for videos?

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