7 Things Marketers Need to Know About Snapchat

Guest Author on Jul 7, 2016 in Social Media

Snapchat has originally been introduced four years ago, in 2011, by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown with an idea of exchanging a series of pictures via chat messages.

According to the developers the goal was to: “Emulate the best parts of face-to-face conversation. Chat 1.0 was all about the joys of being here — when most apps told you when your friend was typing, Chat let you know that your friend was listening.”

Since then, Snapchat has grown to include a variety of content, merging private messaging with other content, such as brand networks.

However, the main feature is the ability to create an interactive, multimedia message named ‘Snap’ which can consist of a photo, video which can be edited using several available filters.

As of March 2016, Snapchat has released a major update (Snapchat 2.0), introducing new features. Snapchat is available on iOS and Android.

Get yourself familiar with Key Snapchat features

  • Creating and sharing multimedia messages, including photos and videos.
  • Editing pictures using filters and effects by adding text or drawings.
  • A unique system offering you both private messaging by sending ‘Snaps’ and sharing your pictures using the ‘Stories’ feature which lets you publicly share your experiences.
  • Snaps sent through private messages are accessible only up to 10 seconds after which they are unavailable.
  • ‘Story’ option which lets you view and share photos and video snaps with your friends.
  • Messaging through video chat option, enabling you to interact with your friends.
  • Experience events close to your location by using the ‘Live Stories’ feature, letting you discover local events and share them through your own perspective.

Snapchat and the World of Marketing

As with nearly all other advantages of the modern Digital Age, it was not long before Snapchat was used in business, especially by notable brands for marketing purposes.

The popularity of Snapchat and its features opens up new perspectives for promotion and can be a very creative way for forwarding your business and connecting it to the ever increasing audience using Snapchat.

An increasing number of international companies and big brands are using Snapchat in their business and marketing campaigns. The relative ease of using Snapchat, it’s fun and interactive way of sharing, modifying and combing multimedia content, combined with the advantages of using features such as ‘Live Stories’, have prompted business worldwide of accepting Snapchat as an important marketing tool.

Whether you use Snapchat as a mean to give your audience an insight into important worldwide events, or as a mean of placing your products and services through the usage of ‘Snaps’ as teasers, you will find that Snapchat can be a handy tool in your effort to bolster your marketing effectiveness by adapting your business strategy to the fast expanding world of global communication.

Examples of Using Snapchat in Successful Marketing Campaigns

We have previously mentioned the increased presence of international brands on Social media. The traditional means for marketing are slowly giving way to new ones, and the Social media are the place you want to be.

Brands have long realized this fact and they have already established strong marketing campaigns using Snapchat as a mean to get closer to the public.

Some examples of their successful marketing promotion campaigns include:

  • Amazon launched a campaign in which they used Snapchat to post deal codes as a way of bolstering its traditional marketing campaign and closely keep up with competition.
  • National Basketball Association offered fans a unique opportunity to follow popular players and keep up with important events through Snapchat and its video sharing feature.
  • The New York Times uses Snapchat to share stories about its authors who use its features to convey a message and give insight into their writing techniques.

What is common for all three examples is that they have all successfully used Snapchat as an interactive way of sharing information to the audience using Social media. Compared to traditional marketing techniques, Snapchat provides a much more flexible methods of communication. Instead of transmitting your marketing message in a ‘plastic’ way, as if often the case with conventional methods, Snapchat connects the brands with their audience on a more personal level.

People generally appreciate when they are treated in a direct and personalized manner. Moreover, Snapchat gives the audience a chance of actively participating in the content instead of just being passive bystanders.

Utilizing the Advantages of Snapchat in Your Marketing Strategy

In the texts above we have demonstrated that Snapchat can work as a genuine marketing tool. Now you are probably wondering can all of this be of any use to you.

In the following text we are going to give you reasons to consider using Snapchat as a marketing tool.

Snapchat Can Be a Quick and Easy Way to Educate Your Audience

Snapchat is probably one of the most obvious examples of the immense power of Social media. Combining the need to expand your marketing method to better adapt to the needs of modern communication with education is not always easy, especially with all the pros&cons of social networking and education.

You will have to be creative, but Snapchat will help you in the way with its unique set of features. According to one poll, 77% of college students use Snapchat on a daily basis. Snapchat for higher education purposes is now a reality.

Advertising on Snapchat Can Be a Lot Cheaper and Give You the Same Result for a More Affordable Price

Snapchat is now offering an acceptable pricing for advertisers and a variety of different ad formats. Also, Snapchat has introduced an option to purchase a 10 second video ad at two cents per view.

The Advantage of a New Marketing Technique

Despite its early success, Snapchat is still not a conventional marketing method. However, a good marketer can recognize the big opportunity in an expanding world of Social networking. Having an advantage over your competition in regard to Social media is always more than welcome, and Snapchat is definitively one of the Social media which can give you that advantage.

Numbers Are Showing It: Snapchat is The Fastest Growing Social Network

Numbers rarely lie, and they are showing that Snapchat is an expanding market with estimated 200 million users active and 700 million photos and videos exchanged, as well as 100 million daily active users.

Data also show that: “Snapchat is the second most powerful social platform in the United States.” Moreover, the same stats say that “Snapchat has more users than Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn”.


It is ultimately up to you to evaluate the advantages and weigh the pros and cons, but all the indicators clearly speak in favor of Snapchat being one of the new marketing opportunities.

The uniqueness of combing a variety of multimedia content gives Snapchat a clear perspective as a marketing method in days to come.

The presence of major worldwide brands and their increasing interest in Snapchat as a mean of better and more personalized method of interacting with their audience is a sign that Snapchat is the trend to follow.

Taking advantage of new and innovative methods of communication Social media are offering us today can be of essential importance for your success.

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