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8 Instagram Tools for Social Media Marketers

8 Instagram Tools for Social Media Marketers

September 5, 2018
4 min read

In today’s world, your business simply must exist and be active on social media if you want to succeed. Being on the most popular social media networks is essential, one of these networks being Instagram.

‘’The Instagram platform isn’t just for photographers and teens. Right now, it is the most promising network to build your business on, but only if you know how to utilize this opportunity.’’ – explains Anna Torres, a social media expert at the best assignment writing website.

Instagram can do many things for you. If you use it to promote content, it will drive awareness and with it, traffic. As a social media marketer, you can use this highly popular platform to get more and more subscribers, as well as social proof that will only make you grow.

If you want to up your Instagram strategy, consider using  one [or more] of these 8 tools:


Buffer is an excellent and time-saving tool that lets you manage many social media accounts. It is now available for Instagram too, so use it to schedule and publish your upcoming posts and analyze the success of your social campaign.

This is the most popular tool used for social media scheduling because of the easy usability and versatility in terms of platforms. All you have to do is hook up all social accounts and schedule your content to be published at a set time.

Buffer is free for use if you schedule up to 10 posts. For more posts, you can choose their plan that costs only $10 per month and allows for 100 scheduled posts and 10 social media profiles.


Quite similar to Buffer, Hootsuite lets you publish directly to this social media platform. But, while there are many similarities between the two, there are also many differences.

You can use Hootsuite to follow the competition and see how much engagement their posts truly are. With the help of this app, you can monitor everything on a single dashboard.

Moreover, this tool is excellent for boosting engagement and building a large community of followers by setting up hashtag search streams.

The app is free for use for 30 days and 3 profiles, while the paid options cost $9 per month for 10 profiles and up to $99 per month for 50 profiles.

Bonus: Don’t forget about Sprout Social!


Later is used by over 600 thousand world’s popular agencies, brands, and influencers. Their comment management plan is one of the easiest to use and the most successful on Instagram. If you wish to schedule 30 photo posts without video, this can be done for free. Their paid options range between $9 and $49 per month for up to 5 profiles.


Sendible is an excellent social media management tool because it is versatile, allowing users to publish and schedule their posts directly to this platform as well as other social networks.

You can use it for many other things, too. Sendible helps you reply to followers, schedule updates, create analytics reports and manage your team.

Their Micro package allows you to manage 4 social accounts at a price of $24 per month if you pay for it annually. There are also higher packages available for bigger teams or agencies.


Tailwind is an analytics and scheduling app popular among Pinterest users, and a very popular one. Very recently, they expanded their amazing features to include scheduling on Instagram. These updates make Instagrammers’ lives much easier by letting them schedule the posts within minutes.

Another highly popular feature here is the Smart Schedule feature. Tailwind won’t just let you schedule posts – it will also advise you on when to schedule these posts based on the optimal posting times on the platform.

For only $15 monthly you can get the Plus Plan for Instagram, or choose to test the free scheduler for up to 30 posts before you decide.


One of the most popular strategies to drive Instagram traffic nowadays is the ‘follow their followers’ strategy. The number of people who will follow you back comes to about 30% of those who you decide to follow. So, by following similar accounts as yours, you can reach many targeted people who will have a genuine interest in what you are offering.

However, to start this strategy, you need to unfollow some people first. Instagram lets you follow approximately 6,000 users, so your options are quite limitless. With Crowdfire, you can learn who isn’t following you and eliminate him from your list. You don’t even have to open Instagram to do that.

There are a free and paid plans for this app. The Pluto plan costs $9.99 per month and is the most popular of them all.


Hashtagify does exactly what you can assume by reading their name – helps you with the hashtags. Use this tool to gain more advantage on Instagram by utilizing the trending hashtags at the very moment.

The Table Mode will tell you how popular your hashtags are, tell you about the latest trends, and help you correlate between your searches. Moreover, it helps you find the influencers and hashtags that are most popular in the niche and offers Instagram tracking.

Test the app with the 10-day free trial or upgrade to access the labs and library of hashtags for only $59 per month.


Iconosquare will assist you in managing the activities on Instagram and analyze your strategies. It measures daily follower loss and gain, location, follower growth, unfollows, etc. It also tracks likes and comments and informs you about your strategy’s progress, as well as aids you in finding the right hashtags.

The pricing starts at $9 per month per account and ranges up to $990 yearly for the Corporate package. This package also lets you run contests on Instagram.


If used properly, Instagram can be a grand asset for traffic, list building, and revenue increase for your online platform or business. But, without some tools to clear your path and guide you, this process will be extremely hard. These tools will help you gain a better understanding of your audience and achieve your Instagram goals.

Do you use any of these tools for Instagram? Do you have a tool you would add to this list? Tell us in the comments below!

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