8 Types of Social Media Content That Your Audience Really Needs

How are your followers reacting to your content? Are you able to create engagement with them, earn social shares and link backs, and drive people to your landing pages? As a content marketer, the challenge that you face is to create content that isn’t simply viewed, you have to publish things that gets people to take action. If you are tackling interesting and useful topics, you have taken a step in the right direction. However, that’s probably not enough. You also have to understand which types of social media content are most likely to earn shares, generate discussion, increase trust, and most importantly, generate conversions. Here are 8 types of content that can help you accomplish all of these things.

1. How-To Posts

How-To post gets a lot of shares

Let’s be honest. If we view content marketing on the most in depth, ‘how do they make the sausage’ level, here’s how things break down. If somebody arrives at your website, chances are they are their because they have a problem and they are searching for a solution. It’s that simple. This is one of the reasons why how-to posts are so popular. How-to posts are simply posts that contain step by step instructions that your followers can use to solve a problem or accomplish a task. Add a few images to a how-to post and you will have created something that is very likely to generate lots of social shares.

2. Infographics

Post with infographic gets a lot ofshares

If you aren’t using infographics yet, you should certainly consider downloading a tool, and learning how to create them. As of today, infographics stand out as the single most shared type of content that there is. If you aren’t completely familiar with infographics, they combine picture and text to tell a story or explain a concept. You may have seen a few of them on Facebook or other social media websites in the past year. One popular example is the infographic describing what happens to your body when you drink an energy drink.

3. Tests And Quizzes

People love interactive things. In fact, creating a test or quiz and posting it to social media can be a great marketing tool. This form of content keeps followers engaged for a long period of time. Better yet, you can design a test or quiz to be fun, e.g., which 80s movie character are you, or you can design one that is more serious, e.g., what do you know about data security? Many content marketers have found ways to use social media quizzes as a way to drive people to their landing pages.

4. List Posts

List post gets a lot of shares

Let’s be honest. List posts are often reviled among marketers as being derivative, generally unhelpful and and as being click bait. However, no matter what content writers think of them, there is no denying the popularity and shareability of listicles. In addition to that, it is possible to create list posts that are original, and do communicate something about your brand to your followers.

List posts are attractive to readers for a variety of reasons. First, they appeal to people’s need to categorize, organize, and rank things. List posts are also very readable, especially when it comes to using mobile devices.

5. Trending Content

For a savvy content writer, finding a topic that is current and newsworthy along with being relevant to your niche is like finding gold. However, even if you cannot find that, writing and sharing things on newsworthy issues is always going to be popular with your followers.This is why many writers begin their day visiting headline aggregating websites such as Alltop so that they can see what is trending in news, business, technology, and entertainment. Websites like BuzzSumo will let you know based on keyword or URL, what content is getting the most shares on other websites.

6. Storytelling

A year ago, the argument could have been made that using storytelling as an effective form of content marketing was simply a trend. Today, that argument falls flat. Not only is storytelling more popular than ever, other digital marketing trends and advances prove that this is and will remain extremely popular.One such new development is the ability to create and broadcast stories on snapchat. Another is the trend of single page websites that allow users to scroll through the story of a brand.

7. Exclusive Content

If you are only sharing the kind of things that people can get anywhere else, or you are sharing all of your content on all of your social media channels, you might be missing out on an opportunity to make some of your content especially attractive. After all, why would somebody subscribe to your email newsletter, or subscribe to your blog, if they can simply see your content on Facebook or on your web page.

Consider holding back some of your best content for those who are willing to give up their email addresses. You’ll get that valuable contact information, and they’ll get the boost that people get when they have access to something that is exclusive.

8. Behind The Scenes Content

People like to get a behind the scenes look at things. This is one of the reasons that periscope is so popular. You can, in real time, take people with you as you, for example, take them of a tour around your office. You can even engage with them while you are actively using the app. Behind the scenes content is a great way to allow people to get to know you and your business.

If you aren’t using these 8 types of social media content, you may be missing out on some great engagement and conversion opportunities. Consider adding these types of content to your arsenal, and you will likely be pleasantly surprised at the results that you get. Each one has been used by other content marketers, often with great success. Best of all, learning to use the content types described here requires very little additional training or education.

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    I loved the part of exclusivity. Most content marketers miss the point with exclusivity especially in today’s world of rehashed information and garbage.

    About cashing in on trending topics as the vehicle for creating contents that resonate with ones audience personality, I must confess that I’ve not travelled that route as much as I’m supposed to.

    Anyway, I enjoyed your thoroughly researched article and I also found it informative.

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