Jump-Start Your SEO by Combining Social Media & Content Marketing Strategies

While Google has yet to affirm social media signals as ranking factors to its search engine algorithm, many search marketers would deem it foolish not leverage social platforms to support SEO strategies.

Why? Two Google ranking factors, which surround a site’s traffic and engagement metrics, are enough to make the socially-infused SEO argument legitimate.

A study conducted by Moz showed that higher traffic and greater levels of engagement correlate to improved search engine rankings. So regardless of a site’s traffic sources, the more you can improve its visibility, the better it may perform in Google search.

So how can you strategize your social activity around SEO? By bringing cohesion to your social media and content marketing strategies, you can expand the exposure of your optimized content and reel-in new, qualified traffic to help advance your SEO efforts.

Fuel Your SEO With Pure-Value Content Marketing

For most professionals engaged in SEO, regular blogging and content marketing has become best practice. However, many SEO-driven content marketing strategies are too focused on keywords and search engine manipulation. To cultivate greater success with content marketing, put human-centric, pure-value content on the forefront.

What defines “pure-value content?” From an search-first content marketing perspective, instead of writing generic, keyword-optimized articles on topics like How to Hire an ‘Atlanta DUI Lawyer’, a pure-value approach would sound more like Can You Beat DUI Conviction in Georgia?SEO-driven Content Marketing: Beat a DUI in Georgia

In essence, you can still make the content keyword-relevant and optimized for SEO, but with an emphasis on being more educational, informative, and solution-oriented. Whether as a video, in-depth article, or infographic, a pure-value piece of content on such a legal topic will most certainly address a common question among many individuals. Further, such content will have greater potential to drive traffic and enduring levels of engagement.

Increase Visibility & Interaction With Social Media Advertising

Even for the businesses and brands with thousands of social media followers, there’s significant value in leveraging social media advertising on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. On these social media platforms, you can get exposure in front of new audiences based on specific interests and pyschographics, demographics, and geographics.

Pinterest Post on How to Beat DUI in GeorgiaUsing on the latter DUI example, an attorney could advertise its content on How Beat DUI Charges in Georgia by targeting individuals located in Atlanta between the ages of 18-45. Not only can the criminal defense lawyer earn new social media followers in the process, but he could drive in-market traffic to his website.

In addition to improving site traffic and engagement, the piece of content can rack-up social signals (i.e. tweets, likes, +1’s, shares, etc.) While Google has yet to confirm any influence of social signals over its rankings, countless search marketers will debate that social signals do have a positive impact on SEO and higher rankings.

This may or may not be a result of the content earning links naturally as result of its popularity on social media platforms. Or it could be an emerging and unannounced ranking signal that has yet to come to publicized. Regardless, social media can dramatically help start-jump SEO, especially when drive by pure-value content marketing and strategic utilization of social advertising platforms.

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