6 Social Media And Search Articles You Missed When Life Was Just Too Hectic

Search and social. These are 2 topics that you cannot separate. I should add content marketing to the list but I want to cover that next week.

Last week I covered the 8 Marketing Strategy articles you missed when you were too busy.

So in this post, I will review the most popular articles this year on the topics of social media and search engine marketing.

Deliver Results With  Search-Driven Marketing Plan

This article addresses the fact that the majority of our marketing plans take what we did last year and apply a plus or minus percent. Why? Because doing anything else would be too hard and possibly disruptive. But our marketing efforts are not as aligned to customer needs as they should be.

A search-driven marketing plan is the only way to ensure that your marketing activities are aligned to your audience. Through a search-driven marketing plan, you are using the words your customers use. You are using the volume of searches to prioritize their most important issues. From this you can create an audience-focused marketing plan that delivers valuable content on your customers’ hottest topics.

3 Steps to a Customer-Driven Marketing Plan

We live in an “attention economy“, where the time and attention of our audience is the most valuable thing. And we are all after it. Following from the article above, I provided 3 simple steps to bringing the voice of your customer into your marketing planning process. First, you should speak to a customer. Second, conduct formal buyer journey and persona research that identifies your buyers top business issues and main sources of information. Third, you have to conduct keyword research to see what actual words they use.

The Top Reasons People Don’t Do Social

Most of us use social media (80% of business decision makers according to the latest research). But not all of us in marketing are doing social media to effectively connect and engage with our customers. So I sought to answer why? And found 5 main reasons. I also offer tips from experts on what makes for successful social media efforts and many more links to “how to do social”…

9 Top Twitter Tips To Start Using Today

For my 3-year Twitter anniversary, I shared my own to tips for using one of my favorite social media channels. After 18,000 tweets at an average of 15 per day and 500 per month, I have learned a few things about what works for me and I hope this helps more people to get active on Twitter.

The Top 9 Social Networks For Business

Are you always wondering which social network is hot and which is not? Which one should be a priority for your personal branding efforts and which one should be a focus for your business? And how many social networks can your business really continue to pay attention to? Well here you will see the search growth rates of the 9 major social networks that I think are most important to businesses and our social media marketing efforts.

The Most Important Words In Social Media

This was one of my favorite posts of the year and so happy that it was read by so many people who I am thankful for. And so I offer up to you that the most important words in social media are “thank you!” They may be the most important words in, well, the history of words. But in social media, where we only see avatars and not real expressions on real human faces, they are particularly important. So I explain my approach to being thankful on social media here in this post…


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