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Welcome Luke – To A Social World

Welcome Luke – To A Social World

October 6, 2011
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My son, Luke William Brenner, was born on Wednesday October 5th at 4:25am. He weighed in at 8 pounds, 10 ounces and measured 22 inches long.

My wife Elizabeth and the baby are both doing great as we plan to return home from the hospital today.

Although we have 3 other children (ages 8, 5 and 3) this was our first baby born since social media has taken such a huge role in our lives.

So we announced his birth on Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn. And then were amazed at the amount of support and comments we received. The Facebook photo alone received over 100 “likes” and close to 100 comments.

In the past, with each birth, we would call immediate family, email friends and colleagues. But now, we can literally announce such amazing life events to the entire world.

So for those who claim that social media has not had a profound effect on the world, look at the state of the print media industry, look at the political situation in Egypt, Libya and Syria, and say “hello” to my first social baby.

When I think about the changes social media has brought about in just the past few years, I can’t even imagine what his life will be like.

I think about and I am so grateful for all the new friends I have gained and all the old friends I have re-connected with.

Should I reserve his Twitter account? Sign him up for Facebook? Register his website domain?

How has social media changed your life?

4 thoughts on “Welcome Luke – To A Social World

  1. Stephanie Tilton

    Michael – Congratulations to you and your wife! What a beautiful baby. Luke is lucky to have you guide him through the world of social media. Of course, by the time he gets there, he’s likely going to be showing you a thing or two ; )

  2. Michael Brenner


    Thanks so much! We are really enjoying him so far and looking forward to the time when he is teaching us how to manage the next evolution in social, media and marketing.

    Best, Michael

  3. Chris Sanchez

    Congratulations Michael,

    I came across your Twitter profile, then the blog, then this post. It really caught my attention as my brother’s wife gave birth to their own little guy just 24 hours after Luke! (I got the text message about 4:30 am)

    This is a great question though… what will their childhood be like compared to ours? They will watch cartoons and play games on their parent’s iPhones. (or their own)

    Thanks for the post. I look forward to reading more of your content.



    Mortgage guy and soon-to-be Blogger

  4. Michael Brenner

    Thanks Chris! I don’t usually get too personal in my posts but I couldn’t help myself.

    It’s just really interesting to think about what life will be like for these little ones coming into the world with the rate of change that is happening.

    I really appreciate you stopping by. Good luck with your new blog.

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