Will This Movement End Long Wait Times And Customer Service Nightmares?

Have you ever experiences a customer service nightmare?

You are having problems making a call, watching TV, booking a trip or getting online. You call your service provider only to face the maddening number of slow-paced options “press 1 for sales. press 2 for billing. press 3 for…” and on it goes until maybe, finally, you get the option to talk to a real person.

And then once you do press  no. 753, they ask you to say what kind of problem you are having. Except that your kids are screaming, the dishwasher is running, the wind is blowing and the pre-recorded voice keeps saying “I’m sorry I didn’t understand that. I’ll send you back to the main menu.”

All this time, you know there’s some secret combination of buttons that gets you right to customer service. But they ain’t gonna give that up to easily. And when you finally reach someone, they say they are going to transfer you. And hang up on you. After 34 minutes on hold.

One of the first promises I made when I first started blogging, was thatI would not start fights with people. I committed that I would not troll other people or companies with negative comments. But I really want to tell you about this one service provider that delivered the worst service ever terrible. Their technicians lied or didn’t know what they were doing. They charged us for stuff we didn’t order. The service went out all the time.

And when we called? Placed on hold for endless hours. Transferred and hung up on. Transferred and then transferred back. When we happily kicked this company to the curb, they tried to bill us for not returning their equipment. Luckily I had a picture of the technician holding all our equipment and showing all the serial numbers.

I want to tell you about this company, but I won’t. Because you can just go right on over to this “movement” where brands like @AT&T @Apple @Comcast @Allstate and @Geico are being called out and asked to stop putting people on hold. The hashtag #HoldNoMore has literally thousands of uploads with people showing their #HoldFace. (See mine below!)

They even created a video:

In the future look forward to self-driving cars, virtual reality, robots, and wasting 13 hours on hold. If you are tired of living in the past, join the movement. And tell companies we deserve better #HoldNoMore

Vote for the next company to face the music, so we can demand that they wake up and change their terrible state of customer service?

Yesterday I wrote about how AT&T rolled out the first banner ad in 1994. Well, did you also know that AT&T invented the 1-800 number?

Yep. In 1967 they invented the 1-800 number and since then, Americans have wasted over 60 million hours on hold. That’s almost 100 lifetimes!

Will this movement end long wait times and customer service nightmares?

I sure hope so…


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Michael Brenner

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