1 Thing I Think I Think: We Think Too Much

I think we think too much. 

(And yeah, I realize I just thought a thought to think that thought…)


A few weeks ago on the show, we heard stories from Mitch Joel, one of the most prolific writers and, as it turns out, voracious readers I’ve ever met. So I asked him the obvious question: Does he have a routine for all that?

His answer was awesome, if a bit surprising: Nope. I write and read whenever, however. (My favorite detail was when he talked about getting off a plane and sitting on the floor to write on his phone because he couldn’t wait to write.)

Too often, when we’re craft-driven, we idealize creativity a bit too much. It’s a gift and a curse. Kinda like my penchant for quick-cut asides. (Hey, we all have our thing.)

I’m guilty of creative idealism as much as the next content marketer. I spend multiple hours in transit every week, but REFUSE to write when my phone is the lone device available. But after speaking with Mitch, I thought, To hell with it. A few hours later, I’d written four new drafts — after literally weeks without blogging due to podcast deadlines.

It was messy. It was ugly. They all needed cleaning up. But on balance, I saved a ton of time and wrote immediately as ideas struck. Honestly, it was liberating. Until a 15-year-old gymnast did a kickflip off the subway pole and asked me for $10 for the performance. (Parkour is so 2016, bruh…)

I think we think too much. What do YOU think?

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