10 Marketing Over Coffee Podcasts You Should Check Out

Podcasts (And Coffee) Are Hot!

Recently I was interviewed by Marketing Over Coffee podcast host John J. Wall.

So I checked out some of their episodes and found some really great stuff I’d like to share.

What is Marketing Over Coffee?

According to their site, Marketing Over Coffee is “audio on demand” that covers both classic and new marketing. The show is hosted by John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn, who record the show in a local coffee shop every week and then publish the show on Thursday mornings.

Simon Sinek: Start With Why

According to John, if you could only listen to one, it should be this one. Simon was working at the most famous ad agency when he realized that one account would do a fantastic job while another couldn’t tell the story right – even when the same people were on both accounts. His quest to understand why this happens created a framework that will change the way you communicate.

If you enjoy that, his next book on leadership is even more profound

Seth Godin

He’s written over a dozen best selling books and was a decade ahead of Inbound Marketing. John said that once they started Marketing Over Coffee, “I will consider this a success if I get to interview Seth Godin.”

So John pulled a stunt that caught his attention and set up an interview with him in 2010 and has been able to talk with him about each of his books since then. While the shows I do with co-host Christopher Penn address front line problems for marketers, the Seth interviews jump up to the 50,000 foot level for the big picture. There’s links to other interviews with him here.

Mike Volpe

According to John, Mike Volpe, CMO of Hubspot joined to talk about their successful IPO, and has been a friend of the show from the very beginning. A great interview about what it’s like to be the marketing guy at a company selling a marketing solution to marketing people. And you should listen as Mike spills the dirt on their outbound marketing too . . .

Traction by Gabriel Weinberg

John says that this is the current “B2B Bible that you must own” and even admits that it’s more comprehensive (though perhaps not as much fun) as his book, B2B Marketing Confessions.

Ann Handley

As Chief Content Officer for MarketingProfs, Ann Handley is clearly one of the most respected leaders in the industry. Listen to Ann some of the background and stories covered in her latest book, Everybody Writes.

Tom Webster

Tom has written a fantastic book that will change the way you think about mobile. He is also on the bleeding edge of monitoring the state of podcasting, and according to John, has a knowledge of music that makes him the most interesting man on earth.

David Meerman Scott

David’s New Rules of Marketing and PR was so far ahead of it’s time and so dead on, that is launched a successful speaking career that David is still cashing in on. According to John, it is “a unicorn of a book,” because David saw the convergence of user generated content, self-publishing crushing the old models of newspapers and magazines ruling all, and the explosion of social networking. He is a frequent guest on the show but this interview is about his latest book that moves the lens from Marketing and PR over to Sales.

Steve Woods

As a founder at Eloqua, Steve is one of the pioneers of the first great wave of Marketing Automation. A lot of in the trenches discussion about lead scoring and the handoff of leads from sales to marketing. After having gone public and then being acquired by Oracle, Steve is working on his next big thing at neednudge.com

Marcus Nelson

A great interview with a true entrepreneur – everything from J.Crew modeling to smuggling bibles into communist countries. He led social at Salesforce.com, co-founded Addvocate and according to John is now doing something stealth at the time of this writing around an electric car.

Ted Shilowitz – The Future of Movies

John picked this one “just for fun” because he believes that a good percentage of marketing people are frustrated artists. Ted Shilowitz is one of the founders of the Red Camera that revolutionized movie making. In this podcast, Ted talks about his latest quest to change our existing movie theaters into a fully immersive experience.

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