10 Ways Email and Direct Mail Marketing Can Complement One Another

10 Ways Email and Direct Mail Marketing Can Complement One Another

November 6, 2018
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Are you an entrepreneur starting up a new business?

Do you work for an established company and are looking for better ways to reach your customer base?

Chances are you can benefit from integrating both email and direct mail marketing into your current marketing plan.

As a business, both marketing methods have their benefits.

Email marketing allows a company to reach customers via email and build relationships online, while direct mail marketing allows the same company to appeal to customers with physical mail like flyers and postcards.

Together, email and direct mail marketing can complement each other and take your company’s marketing campaign [and social media] to the next level.

Learn about some of the key benefits when using both.

Boost conversions: Studies have shown that using email and direct mail marketing together can increase your conversion rate by up to 35% from using either method individually.

Appeal to a wider audience:

Email marketing is better at targeting customers who prefer online interactions. Direct mail marketing is better at targeting customers who prefer physical interactions. By using both marketing methods, you appeal to a wider variety of customer preferences.

Allow your customers to view your message multiple times:

By using email marketing in conjunction with direct mail marketing you give your customers the opportunity to view your message multiple times in a variety of ways.

Make the most of your advertising budget:

When using both to promote your business, you gain the benefits of both methods without dedicating your entire marketing budget to one or the other.

Allow customers to view your message in multiple ways:

Whether your customers are younger and more comfortable with online interactions or more old-fashioned and comfortable with physical materials, you can be sure you are presenting them with the best possible version of your message.

Establish a greater presence:

It may be easy to overlook an email or to throw away a business flyer, but when presented with both, customers are more likely to pay attention and respond to your marketing message.

Boost your online success:

In addition to email marketing boosting your online sales, direct marketing can further increase your online success if you opt to distribute marketing materials containing your business URLs, email addresses, or even QR codes.

Keep your advertising from seeming like spam:

By staggering email marketing with direct marketing, your customers won’t receive either individual type of advertising as often. This may help them view your material as less spam-like.

Get more advertising options:

By incorporating both email and direct marketing methods into your advertising campaign, you avoid limiting yourself to one type of advertisement. Using email alongside letters, postcards, catalogs, flyers, and samples can help your campaign appeal to a wider audience.

Improve your brand’s image:

Using both email and direct mailing methods can signify to customers that your business is successful in both virtual and physical settings.

So why settle for one when you can have both? Integrating email and direct marketing techniques could be the advertising boost your company needs!

How has your business benefited from email and direct mail marketing? Let us know in the comments section below!

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