40 Must-Read Blogs For Entrepreneurs

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, chances are you enjoy reading about successful business owners who were once starting out like you. Through their stories, you can find inspiration and score some start-up advice.

Better yet, if you really want to think like an entrepreneur, you should tap into the sources that inspire, motivate, educate, and inform them on a daily basis, and make them part of your required reading as well.

Lucky for you, we connected with some company founders, CEOs, and awesome innovators for their go-to blog picks to give you an inside track into thinking like an entrepreneur. Here are the blogs that these entrepreneurs say they read religiously:

Entrepreneur: Marc Fowler, President, Bullseye Media, a digital marketing agency specializing in helping dentists attract and retain patients.

1. Kissmetrics.com

Why: “They cover a wide variety of digital marketing, lead generation and conversion topics, and their articles are usually backed up with strong case studies, real-world examples and data. They aren’t simply sharing their opinions.”

2. Matt on Marketing

Why: “Heinz Marketing does a great job of pulling the best ideas from a variety of blogs and putting their own spin on them. Additionally, they provide a nice mix of actionable marketing and sales content vs. most marketing blogs that are only focused on marketing. They do a nice job of closing the loop and bridging the gap between sales and marketing that you so often hear about.”

Entrepreneurs: Siamak Taghaddos, CEO, and David Hauser, CTO,
Co-Founders of Grasshopper, a small business phone solutions company

3. Dan Martell

Why: “Dan’s blog rocks because he’s been a small business owner and a first-time entrepreneur, so he knows exactly what his readers are going through.  His passion comes through in all his posts.”

4. Think Entrepreneurship

Why: “Pete Sveen loves helping businesses. He interviews many entrepreneurs, so you have the opportunity to gain a lot of insight from all sorts of industries.”

Entrepreneur: Jim Belosic, CEO, ShortStack, a marketing campaign building service

5. Signal vs. Noise

Why: “Signal vs, Noise really hits home with bootstrapped and small companies that serve a lot of clients but work efficiently.”

6. HelpScout

Why: “I love this blog because they talk everything you need to know about making your customers happy. In business, happy customers mean everything.”

Entrepreneur: Shafqat Islam, founder of NewsCred

7. Tomasz Tunguz

Why: “This is an awesome blog by a VC that is becoming a go-to read for entrepreneurs and marketers.”

8. Ben’s Blog

Why: “Ben’s blog, although he took all of this and put it into his famous book, ‘The Hard Thing about Hard Things,’ his honesty about running your own business makes this a must read.”

Entrepreneur: Tim Sohn, CEO and founder, Sohn Social Media Solutions, social media education and marketing

9. Andrew Torba’s Blog on Medium

Why: “Andrew Torba is CEO of Kuhcoon, a social media ads optimization platform. He writes about everything from ‘How to Write Emails Like a CEO’ to ‘How to Transform a Lost Customer into a Raving Fan.’ His posts are always extremely well written, have great visuals, and I can always relate, as a fellow entrepreneur.”

Entrepreneur: Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz

10: Metafilter

Why: “It’s not traditionally about business or entrepreneurship, but provides incredible insight into a huge range of subjects and people. I feel like it’s a great way for me to think more broadly than Moz and empathize with others.”

Entrepreneur: Karen Swim, Owner of Words For Hire

11. 360 Connext

Why: “This blog is well-written and delivers solid content on managing the customer experience. The advice is always practical and applicable to businesses of any size.”

12. Small Business CEO

Why: “I love the diversity of information on topics relevant to small business CEOs. I read this to reflect on my own practices but also to better understand the challenges facing my customers.”

Entrepreneur: Jason Parks, Owner of The Media Captain

13. Lifehack

Why: “I read Lifehack every morning because it provides inspirational lists that
 puts my mind in the right state before walking out the door and tackling
 the day ahead of me.”

Entrepreneur: Christy Cook, CEO, Teach My, learning kits for

14. Social Media Examiner

Why: “The best way to keep my finger 
on the pulse. Michael Stelzner never misses a beat or a trend. His blog 
contains very topical content, and the guest bloggers are always credible.”

Entrepreneur: Tyler Zey, Founder, EasyAgentPro.com, a digital marketing firm for realtors

15. Millionaire Fastlane

Why: “Millionaire Fastlane’s ‘Ask Me Anything’ section
 provides concrete business information from some of the biggest marketers in 
the world.”

Entrepreneur: Brandon Bruce, Co-founder, Cirrus Insight, an app that connects Salesforce and Gmail

16. Seth Godin’s blog

Why: “This was an easy choice for me. It’s the blog for me. It delivers valuable insight for me and my business every
morning in my inbox at about 6am.”

Entrepreneur: John Turner, CEO of UsersThink, a tool that gives startups useful feedback on their landing pages

17. The Moz Blog

Why: “The perfect mix of theoretical and practical posts, always covering
something new.”

Entrepreneur: Gabe Lozano, CEO and co-founder of LockerDome, a social media platform that helps you personalize the web.

18. Mark Suster’s 
Both Sides of the Table

Why: “Mark has done it himself, enabling him to provide practical,
 unfiltered advice for getting stuff done.”

Entrepreneur: Jay Shapiro, CEO/co-founder of AppMakr, a drag and drop platform for building mobile apps

19. Fred Wilson’s daily blog

Why: “Fred Wilson, a VC at Union Square Ventures, is probably the most respected 
tech VC in NYC, and certainly top 10 worldwide. So, the fact that he 
prolificly writes insightful blog posts every day, about the deals, trends
, and market changes he sees, is pretty amazing. I get my news from a lot of 
places, but I feel like I learn from Fred.”

Entrepreneur: Peter Shankman, author of “Zombie Loyalists: Using Great Service to Create Rabid Fans”

20. Bridgetteraes.com

Why: “Style isn’t my forte. I read this and in five minutes, I get an idea how to look good.”

Entrepreneur: Colin Darretta, Founder and CEO of
 WellPath Solutions, a provider of custom
nutritional products

21. Strategyzer

Why: “Practical and straightforward thought pieces on
 all facets of entrepreneurship – running the gamut from broad strategy, how 
to think about innovation and how to grow a fledgling organization. And
 it’s all wrapped in a clean aesthetic with lots of easy-to-understand

Entrepreneur: Rob Marsh, owner of LogoMaker, a logo design tool

22. Backlinko.com

Why: “SEO is critical for reaching my customers and Backlinko is full of ideas for building links, increasing web traffic, and bringing in new customers. This site is SEO marketing gold.”

Entrepreneur: Eric Quanstrom, CMO,
 Pipeliner CRM

23: Buffer

Why: “Buffer editors take great care to examine trending business issues with
 thorough research.

Entrepreneur: Preet Anand, CEO of BlueLight, a mobile technology company

24. Farnam Street Blog

Why: “This is a great, distilled way to absorb knowledge
 from great writers.”

Entrepreneur: Allen Walton, CEO, SpyGuy Security

25. Fizzle

Why: “The Fizzle blog is straight up awesome. They put out some amazing free 
content that helps me determine how best to run my business, handle new
 projects, and generally just be a great entrepreneur.”

Entrepreneur: Patrick Cullen,
Founder & CEO, 
Panda Bear Linens

26. Smart Marketer

Why: “Run by Ezra Firestone, a super 
successful entrepreneur and marketing guru, this blog is a great place to
 learn more about the ins and outs of content marketing.”

27. Launch Grow Joy

Why: “This popular blog, run by Andrea Ayers, hosts loads of information 
useful to growing and managing your online business.”

To round out the list, here are some of our picks:

28. Escape From Cubicle Nation – a real life look at making the leap to entrepreneurship

29. Marketing Profs – considering it Marketing 101

30. Socialtriggers.com
- Derek Halpern’s blueprints for persuasion and negation tactics

31. Shopify.com/blog – great for e-commerce tips

32. Onstartups.com/ – startup strategy galore

33. Danny Brown’s Blog – the human side of social media

34. EpicLaunch.com – non-preachy tips for young entrepreneurs

35. Chris Brogan’s Blog – a plethora of business pointers, especially for the social Web

36. CopyBlogger.com – online marketing advice you can use today

37. TED.com – if you’re not watching TED talks, you’re out of the loop

38. For Entrepreneurs – serial entrepreneur David Skok’s musings

39. Ladies Who Launch – a community for female entrepreneurs starting out

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This article originally appeared on the NewsCred Blog.

7 thoughts on “40 Must-Read Blogs For Entrepreneurs

  1. Awesome list Michael.

    I am partial to Chris Brogan’s blog. The dude resonates with me because he’s huge on simple and simple is powerful.

    I also vibe with Seth’s blog and more than a few top shelf spots for entrepreneurs.

    For me, I love simple, practical and inspiring.

    Thanks much,


  2. Happy New Year Michael!

    This is a great list. My personal favourites are Backlinko – where Brian Dean is doing some excellent work, plus Kevan Lee’s posts on the Buffer blog – which are equally exceptional.

    I always find myself going back to Social Triggers (because I love Derek Halpern’s videos), and Copyblogger (because it’s one of the blogs I’ve visited most over the last decade).

    There are also some great blogs here I hadn’t heard of before, including the Farnam Street Blog which looks excellent – and Lifehack which looks superb too.

    Best wishes


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