5 Marketing Strategies for a Record-Breaking Brand Launch

Shayla Price on Aug 2, 2016 in Marketing Strategy

It’s official!

Your highly anticipated brand is set to launch soon.

You’ve started building buzz. And your team can’t wait for the actual launch date.

But the fun shouldn’t stop there. The weeks leading up to the launch will be crucial for your business.

Engagement starts now. Start talking with future customers today.

“[T]he process of creating, marketing, and engaging with a brand is a two-way street—between the brand and its customer, not merely a broadcast from a company,” writes Forbes contributor Steve Olenski.

Let’s launch your brand into the record books. Here are five marketing strategies to continue the momentum:

1. Host a Facebook Live Panel Discussion

This year, live streaming is marking its territory in our society.

From the Texas mom’s hysterical reaction to a Chewbacca mask to the aftermath of Philando Castile’s killing, live video is capturing people’s attention.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 8.40.09 PM

In fact, data reveals that “people comment more than 10 times more on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos.”

Harness this power by offering fans live panel discussions. Fans would be thrilled to hear from your talented team and brand ambassadors.

“Let your [fans] know in advance that you’re planning to broadcast. It won’t do you much good to broadcast if nobody’s prepared for it. Make an announcement—preferably several announcements—in advance to let your [fans] know what they can expect,” writes Jayson DeMers, founder of AudienceBloom.

Capitalize on live video. Broadcast to engage.

2. Develop Themed Content

Human connection is everything. People enjoy reading content that relates to them. Ideals give people hope and the desire to achieve.

Apple thrives on innovation. Nike offers inspiration. And Walmart has its low prices.

Creating content around specific ideals deepens the connection between the fan and brand.

Inc. contributor Kevin Cain  says:

“To be effective, your content has to resonate with your buyers. That means it needs to be tailored to them (showing that you know who they are, what they do, and what they care about) and address whatever pain points they are facing. Content that lacks this sharp focus will just get lost among all of the other noise.”

Tell customers your brand’s values. Promise to uphold those standards in your products, messaging, and customer service.

Then, work with your creative team to produce content around those principles. That means writing blog posts, designing shareable infographics, and highlighting featured stories.

One goal of content is to showcase the brand’s personality. Themed content can make that a reality.

3. Create Snapchat Memories

According to research, Snapchat is America’s second-favorite social network. The channel boasts 100 million daily active users.

Just recently announced, Snapchat has enabled users to save their snaps and stories. These personal collections of moments can now be stored as memories.

This is a new opportunity for the your team. Take snaps of behind-the-scene events. Interact directly with fans. And do Snapchat takeovers with influencers.

Moreover, take advantage of Snapchat lenses. They are real-time special effects added to snaps. Learn from Gatorade’s Super Bowl lens.


Explore other social networks. Snapchat is offering more ways to engage with fans.

4. Ask for User-Generated Content

Loyal fans love interacting with brands. It adds fuel to a flame of existing fire.

Even before the launch, your brand’s greatest asset is its fans. Start conversations to cultivate brand engagement.

So, don’t shy away from asking for user-generated content (UGC). That includes tweets, photos, and short video clips.

And once the UGC starts rolling in, let your fans take center stage. Share the content with your entire audience. You may even want to create Instagram marketing campaigns. For example, curate a digital collage of fans flaunting cool swag.

In 2009, Burberry launched The Art of the Trench, where customers could upload and comment on pictures of people wearing their products.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 8.37.06 PM

UGC centers around appreciation. It humanizes your brand. Delight fans by sharing their content.

5. Organize a Promotional Contest

Contests excite people. Everyone loves winning prizes—even if it’s just a T-shirt. Plus, active participation from fans generates word-of-mouth marketing.

So, give fans a good reason to talk about your brand. Organize a promotional contest to pique people’s interest. And it doesn’t have to be complex.

For instance, ask a trivia question on Twitter. The first person to respond with the right answer can receive a tote bag.

Or announce a photo caption contest. Then, fans can submit captions and vote for the funniest entries.

But don’t forget to create a catchy hashtag for the promotional campaign. That way everyone has an opportunity to engage with the content.

Reward your fans with contests. It will help increase brand involvement.

Break Records

You’ve worked hard to develop an innovative brand.To match its greatness, the marketing campaign must offer the same top-notch impression.

Gather a panel discussion on Facebook Live. Create themed content to connect with fans. And ask for user-generated content.

Build an epic brand launch. Break records.
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Shayla Price
Shayla Price
Shayla Price is a marketer who positions products for growth. Whether it’s content, email, or good ol’ public relations, she strives to delight customers and increase company revenue. Shayla loves training teams to become critical thinkers. She also champions access to remote work opportunities. Tweet her @ShaylaPrice