8 Virtual User Experience Tricks for Better Conversion Results

There’s the same reason why we always come back to the same restaurant, barber or supermarket. All of these businesses have focused on a positive user experience that in return creates trust and adherence toward your brand.

Brand experience and conversion rate are the strongest drivers of trust and are intimately related. If your website is user-friendly, people will continue visiting it and find everything they need with ease and speed. Everything depends on how your website is content-rich and interesting in order to keep your clients interested and returning for more.

In the retail world, content is not king. The client is king on the Internet. When clients find your website boring and plain and don’t let them run for the hills, they will find info and buy somewhere else.

The more research you’ve done on user experience, the more you will learn about site optimization for better conversion results. And the more we imagine that improving the engagement will result in more conversions

In this article, we’ve gathered 8 actionable tips to engage your customers more and convert traffic into leads.

Use Enough Breathing Space

Regarding the Crazy Egg research, breathing space is important for good design and can improve user attention by 20%. Most websites have the top bar, side bar, bottom bar features that can distract customers’ attention from call-to-action buttons and your target audience can miss the most important information.

If you want to show a lot of text on your website, having too much space can be replacing some valuable information. The main thing is to find the balance what important to show and how to surround with some space in order to lay stress on image and text. Breathing space can’t only show up valuable information, but also enhances the reading comprehension and makes your website look natural and sleeker.

A great example of effective breathing space usage is Prestige Barber Shop in New York City. The black space with white text surrounding the titles allows customers to catch their attention to the crucial things and feel a sense of clarity and open-heartedness. In this example breathing space makes this website fresh, open and modern and makes  content look legible.

Include attractive calls to action

Simply telling customers what they should do on a site isn’t enough to persuade them to make sales. Calls to action are important when you want to get better conversion results. There is a bunch of websites that leave their customers without a clear call-to-action and any clue what action to do on the website. They should be well-placed and stand out in your website. These buttons perform best if they are placed in the right place on the web page.

Make sure that potential customers are too busy and don’t have much time to bring out the best in your website. Don’t try to bombard your clients with too many calls-to-action at every bend. They are looking for quick and timely solutions to their problems and they will continue coming back more and more.

Here is a good example of attractive call-to-action buttons from SE Ranking company:

Before creating a neat CTA button, you should notice a few things. The color of a CTA button must be a good match with the background color. According to the study conducted by Maxymiser, researchers were appalled to get 11 % increase in clicks to the checkout area after testing color variations. Different colors can trigger different emotions. Therefore, it is important to know the psychology of colors and know the message you want to convey to a user.

And the second thing is to think about words for your buttons. The text should include action words or psychological triggers to make users click on your button. Make your text action-oriented and bold. Make sure that emotional connection means action.

Improve Website Load Time

One of the most dispiriting moments for users is to wait for too long website loading. Today people use different devices to view content on many different platforms. If they can’t get the necessary content, they will leave it forever.

Slow loading website can be really frustrating for users and create a bad brand experience. According to this research, a 2-second delay in load time made 87% of shoppers bounce websites.

Where can you check website speed? Google has a free service that provides all necessary information on your page speed and gives some recommendations how to improve your loading time for desktop and mobile devices.

If you want to keep customers engaged in your website, your website should be loaded within 3 seconds.

Make Website Accessible on Different Devices

Responsive website design is one of the most important parts of better user experience. Responsive design assures that your website looks attractive on all devices. Thanks to this type of design, your website can change layouts depending on the screen resolution of your audience.

Most of people used to visit different websites on the go, at work and in other places. If they can’t access laptop or computer, they will use a smartphone or tablet to look for something. Noticed something broken or doing inconvenient actions can bother customers to bounce your website. Whereby you will lose potential customers because of website responsiveness.

Make sure that your website is quite responsive for users to access and buy from your website instantly. If you don’t know whether your site is responsive, you can test it out with this free tool.

Use Bullets

If you want to highlight key features, benefits and ways to solve customers’ problems, bullets will be an optimal way to show up all the necessary information on the website. This way will help users get what they need and make your sale offer more attractive.

Using cool icons you can get your bullets more creative and help your readers browse the website with images. This point is useful to isolate the most significant points and catch the attention of customers in specifics.

One of the great examples with bullets comes from Workexaminer site. They use icons as bullets to lay emphasis on how better to use the software. And breathing space around the bullets allows you highlight each section.

Create Your 404 Error Page

As we know search engines don’t punish a lot for 404 errors pages, but I am sure that users will do that. If a user visits a certain link or image, it will lead them to a different place they want to go. Facing this error will make them frustrated and go somewhere else for a quick solution to their problems.

In order to check out crawl errors, you can set up Google Webmaster tools on your website. Make sure when you allow users land on a 404 error page, it will give them the option to come back on track.

Add search field

When customers visit your website they need something out there. Without search field, it will be very hard to find necessary information. They will be frustrated and will bounce the website. Locate the search field in the right place is also an important thing for better conversion results.

Make sure that users don’t have time to contact you and ask for help to find what they need. They will just look up your competitor’s site what will create a bad user experience with your site. The best place to locate the search field is in the top right corner in order your target audience can find it easily. For example, Amazon is important for users to find the desired product manually.  

Include Complete Contact Information

Every time visitors come to your website and have a question about your contact information in order to get what they are looking for. Therethrough, you should add the complete contact information in your site and let people know how to contact you whenever they want.

The contact page should include the following information:

  1. Contact address;
  2. Phone number;
  3. Full company name;
  4. Email address.

Here are a few examples with a full contact information on the contact page:

Take my tip: Locate your phone number and email address in footer on every page of your website. While customers view your contact information, they will conceive you as legitimate. Thus, your website can build trust and a good user experience.

The Bottom Line

In many cases, we get sidetracked in assuring that the first ranking positions in search are enough for your online business, and we forget how important to offer a good user experience in order to make users come back to your website for more.

I hope these tips will get you on your way and show you some ideas how to make your site user-friendly without a penny on a site redesign.

Got anything to say? Let me know in the comments below.

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