A B2B Marketing Manifesto?

Michael Brenner on Nov 24, 2010 in Marketing Strategy

The folks at Velocity Partners think that this is a great (and a scary) time to be a B2B marketer. So they’ve written a manifesto (reg. required) to prove it. The eBook offers a call to action for all B2B marketers to take a different path from the traditional “tried and true” marketing practices of old. The manifesto also makes a “plea for ambition.”

Setting aside the common discussions about tactics and channels like social media, the web, or email, they claim that the new age of B2B marketing is about a whole new mindset because we live in a new world of buyer behaviors with completely new ways to address them.

I actually soaked up all 48 pages in record time and I invite you to download it yourself. I agree with Velocity that this IS a great time to be in B2B Marketing. And I am grateful to these folks for helping to spread the word. 

Table of Contents:
• What a world view is and why you need one
• Why B2B marketing ‘chops’ are essential to your success
• How thinking beyond digital is the future
• Why exposing your beliefscan be a powerful differentiator
• The six things B2B marketing people really need to get good at, now.

Why Marketing is the Engine of the Company

  1. Marketing Owns the Pipeline
  2. Marketing Owns the Innovation Agenda
  3. Marketing Owns the Information

The 5 B2B Marketing Imperatives:

  1. Communicate your understanding and perspective of your customer’s problems
  2. Expose your beliefs about how to solve them
  3. Provide evidence for how you can solve them
  4. Demonstrate your big ideas
  5. Think beyond digital by integrating the online and offline worlds

The manifesto also delivers 6 B2B Marketing staples or tools we all need to start using. After reading my complimentary copy, I asked Doug Kessler, Creative Director at Velocity, about why they created the eBook:

“At Velocity Partners (even in the distant outpost of London), we’ve started to see a divide growing among the B2B marketers we’re dealing with. Some are diving in to the new world and taking responsibility for revenue; others are holding back, staying in the traditional marcomms role.  The B2B Marketing Manifesto is a plea for ambition. We wanted to inspire marketers to take the leap and start climbing the new learning curve.  

In a way, it’s the perfect time to be doing it: everyone else is learning now, too. If marketers wait too long to let go of the old mindset, they’ll find themselves behind. But today, they can be cutting edge just by wanting to be — and by approaching the internet as the world’s biggest sandbox.”

“We’ve had a ball publishing the Manifesto and we’re really gratified by the market response — tons of great feedback, comments and links. We’re approaching our six-month download target in month two and we’ve already generated some great new projects with like-minded marketers (the best kind!). So the Manifesto campaign itself is proving the ideas we explore in it.  We tried to capture a lot of this in a ‘living case study’ on our blog, called Project Open Kimono: a B2B Case Study — kind of a behind-the-scenes view of the campaign itself.”

I would love to hear your thoughts on this creative perspective on the world of B2B Marketing!

Michael Brenner
Michael Brenner
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