How To Increase Sign-Up Page Conversions by 16%

When you want customers to take action, you should test different things to the way people respond. Call-to-action, submit, buy and sign-up texts are too important on a landing page. Adding images, testimonials, benefits, trials and more can push your target audience to click the right button. When you focus on writing something impactful or worthy on that crucial element, it can cost far more money than you can expect.

About the campaign

In this current case study, SE Ranking is a basic object of my research. It is a web-based marketing software that  helps SEO newbies and agencies prepare commercial offers, minimize communication with customers and analyze development projects and marketing strategies. Anyone can try out a 14-day trial version for your projects and start using the tool right away.

Since the sign-up page is one of the most important components to drive conversions, they decided to put them to different tests. They wanted to test a number of variations adding real benefits, different text and button next to the sign-up form. Part of this experiment was to bring out the best in SE Ranking.


  • Adding the benefits of SE Ranking next to the sign-up form will increase the conversion rate and sales.
  • Changing the Call to Action text and button above the form will increase sign-ups.

This is how the original sign-up page looked:

The test

Using Google Analytics, the test was to make the sign-up page more hard-hitting and compelling for target audience in order to increase the number of sign-ups for the marketing campaign. Once they enrolled for the 2-week challenge, they changed a new call-to-action text “Sign up to access your free trial and button “Start 14-day free trial” above a sign-up form and added more real possibilities from using the tool.

Here is how the new sign-up page looked:


The experiment ran for 15 days and the result was in favor of the new variation. The new sign-up page beat the original page by 15,7 %.

Take a look at the screenshot of the test report from Google Analytics:
Simply paying attention to the call-to-action text and button above the form and adding real benefits led to large increases that had a good impact on the online business.

  • The conversion rate of the winner page was 15.57 % better than the original one.
  • CTA change led to increased sign-ups by 24%.
  • Adding real benefits improved conversion rate by 12, 76%.

Here’s a quick comparison of the original and winner variants:

As you can see that the changes on the sign-up page were quite significant and the result looks quite trivial. The call-to-action text “Create your account in no time” was changed to this one “Sign up to access your free trial”. The call-to-action button “Start 14-day free trial” worked much better than just “Sign up” (from 12.76% up to 15.57%).

The result was awesome and surely shows that playing with sign-up page really paid well for SE Ranking.

Your turn

Do you know how to get more sign-ups and drive more conversions? Have you ever had any similar experience? Let us know in the comments section below!