Recap of #MMChat – The Leadership Gap in Marketing

Michael Brenner Tweetchat 3-12-12Last night I had the pleasure of being a guest on the 85th #MarketerMonday chat or #MMChat – hosted by @JeffAshcroft aka @TheSocialCMO.

Our topic was “The Leadership Gap in Marketing” where we discussed the changes taking place in marketing today and the leadership crisis these conditions are creating.

We addressed the current digital skills gap, the opportunity for marketing to take a leading role in our businesses and the new kinds of leaders that are emerging in light of all this.

The event lasted 1 hour and generated 285 tweets, 3,144,386 impressions, and achieved an audience reach of 543,256 followers. I will recap the major points below or check out a full #MMChat transcript of the event.

@TheSocialCMO: First question Michael, so what exactly is this Marketing Gap you’ve been talking about?

@BrennerMichael: According to recent surveys, a majority of CMOs admit to feeling unprepared for today’s market and yet few talk about it!

@BrennerMichael: And when asked what is most important, you get the same old answers: number of leads, quantity of leads

@BrennerMichael: I think marketing has changed and the conversation needs to be about how to meet customer needs AND the needs of the business

@TheSocialCMO: So it sounds like part of this is a leadership issue can you elaborate on this?

@BrennerMichael: Yes. It is a leadership issues. Buyers have changed. Marketers are stuck in the past. Marketing leaders need to address the gap

@BrennerMichael: We need to address the digital skills issue, we need to create content that our customers value. We need to drive better results

…There was also some excellent points raised about the need for CIOs and CMOs to work more closely together…

@TheSocialCMO: You have identified a set of specific actions CMOs can take to begin addressing this gap can you share these with us?

@BrennerMichael: I identify digital skills, social business acumen, real-time analytics and a focus on “people” (employees and customers)

@BrennerMichael: Can you provide examples of CMOs already working to bridge this gap and how they’re doing so? #MMchat

@BrennerMichael: I would hate to leave anyone out, but on the client side, @KentHuffman is an engaged social marketing leader

@BrennerMichael: Also, @LisaArthur has called on marketing leaders to be change agents in our businesses by focusing on customers

@BrennerMichael: and our own @jbecher is a social CMO, driving change, focusing on people development, digital skills and analytics to drive business results

…some dialogue around digital needing to be integrated, not stand-alone, but addressed nonetheless…

@TheSocialCMO: Why do you think so few CMOs are talking about how they are addressing the changes needed

@BrennerMichael: Fear is keeping leaders quiet? Maybe they don’t know yet how to address the change? what do you all think?

@BrennerMichael: I think some haven’t embraced the change. some are scared of change or scared of how employees react

…there was support for the need to drive analytics and ROI into the marketing discipline…

@TheSocialCMO: You write about this quite a bit – but what is the biggest mistake all marketers make?

@BrennerMichael: The biggest mistake in marketing is not putting customers first. Do that and business value flows.

@TheSocialCMO: What do you see as the role of marketing in the future organization and how can CMOs bridge the gap?

@BrennerMichael: Marketing can lead businesses to become more customer-centric, creating better products, greater value, and higher retention

@TheSocialCMO: What kind of qualities do you think CMOs and marketers of all types should emulate?

@BrennerMichael: After customer focus, it’s easy : be human, social, analytic, and demand a business case for every dollar spent – easy!?

@BrennerMichael: I keep saying that most marketing budgets are upside down. 80% funds paying for worst-performing tactics and 20% of results #flipit

…The chat also included a discussion of whether age plays a factor in having more social CMOs and the rise of “data scientists” to address the increase of #BigData and how that is impacting marketing results…(maybe fodder for a future blog post.)

Big thanks to @KentHuffman who was one of my first Twitter mentors and @JeffAshcroft for inviting me and for being an excellent host with an amazing crew on #MMChat. If you’ve never participated, #MMChat is every Monday at 8pm EST.

Michael Brenner

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