Note to SMB: Stop Neglecting Marketing Automation!

It can be hard for small businesses to get their marketing efforts off the ground. Keeping up with new trends and demands seem like uphill battles for many small to mid-sized businesses. But you know it’s important to stay top of mind with your prospects.

Gain a competitive edge using marketing automation. By setting your marketing messages on autopilot, not only are you saving money and improving your lead management, but you’re gaining valuable time back in your day.

Why Marketing Automation Works for SMB?

Tell me if this sounds like you… You are a small business owner and feel automated tech is nothing more than an expensive complex migraine producer.

The truth is SMB that are using marketing automation are the ones not constantly grasping at straws to attract and retain leads. The process, strategy, and marketing technology like automation are what keeps small to mid-size businesses alive.

Companies are actually seeing conversion rates increase by as much as 53 percent thanks to the use of marketing automation. Granted, large businesses can invest in these marketing technologies rather freely and spend time creating drip campaigns to nurture their prospects. But does that mean smaller companies should turn a blind eye to automation?

Key Marketing Automation Benefits for SMB

Theoretically, marketing automation helps conquer a slew of disadvantages SMB companies deal with:

Reducing the need for overhead

It’s called marketing automation for a reason. Replace the need to following up on prospects from your website or those leads you got business cards from at that networking event with one-off emails by adding them to a drip campaign using dynamic content to make each email personalized to the prospect. Sales teams could be working top of funnel accounts while automation lets these new leads mature.

Monitor on-going marketing campaigns

It can be difficult to see the success or failures of a marketing campaign. The beauty of marketing automation is the software has success metric tracking already baked in so you can view measurable data instantly. Are these messages being received? Does this subject line get more opens? Will these calls-to-action drive action? Marketing automation reporting ensure you’re getting the maximum ROI for each campaign you send out.

Give your CRM a boost

Chances are fairly high you are using a CRM. Marketing automation allows you track and monitor your prospect’s engagement through your marketing campaigns. Some platforms even create real-time lead alerts for sales team members when a prospect takes specific actions, like viewed your pricing page on your website for example.

Seamless integration into your marketing stack

There may be other pieces of marketing technology you’re using as a SMB. Landing page tools, website live chat systems, event platforms and more can all integrate into your marketing automation platform. The goal of communicating with your prospects and customers is only enhanced by the power to connect and amplify using automation.

Capture lost customers from your online store

Maybe your small business is B2C and you have an ecommerce store–Great! Marketing automation is essential to your online business. By connecting your commerce platform to a marketing automation platform you can send triggered messages to shoppers that leave items in their cart reminding them to come back and make a purchase. Not only can automation help capture the attention of wandering customers, but can boost your revenue as a result.

Where Should I Look For Marketing Automation Software?

Honestly, a Google search can turn up a list of providers in a hurry. But to really dig in a do some research it’s important to know what you should consider before purchasing marketing automation for your small business.

A great resource is Capterra. Not only do they list out the top performers but actual users give their personal reviews of the software they use. Each software is graded on the overall rating, ease of use and customer service.


G2 Crowd is another valuable tool when considering marketing automation software. They allow you to customize comparison charts among multiple different companies and see how they rank against one another. For example, here’s a comparison between MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and Delivra.

The Bottom Line on SMB Marketing Automation

For your small to mid-sized business, the key to success is communicating with your prospects and customers in a timely, meaningful way. Marketing automation accomplishes this with ease. B2B marketers using marketing automation increase their sales pipeline by 10 percent on average, and B2C marketers see conversion rates as high as 50 percent when leveraging automation.

The facts are there, and the fate of your business could rest on whether you invest in marketing automation and implement a strategy to stay top of mind.

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